Automotive RSI

28 Jun 2017

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<scribe> scribenick: ted

Paul calls roll and we'll see how schedule shapes up, we can revise as needed

Ted: before we start just want to welcome Hyojin

Hyojin: thank you, this is my first call. I am the AC rep for LG

Ted: let me know if you want a one on one call to go over our activity and answer any questions you might have

Paul: let's jump in on Jonas' LBS

Jonas: first should start with use cases and then how I mapped those to ViWi

<Paul> https://github.com/j3ss5t/viwiLocationBasedServices

Use Cases

Jonas: these are the use cases from Genivi page, read up and tried to understand them and then looked at putting in a ViWi styled service
... I took every single one and tried to tack it to a resource in my service definition
... assuming there is a shared baseline understanding of ViWi

PatrickL: sure and happy to clarify any questions that arise

Jonas: cartography, locality, routeguidance and routeplanning
... we have some functionality in cartography

[Jonas dropped from webex]

Ted: while we're waiting for him to rejoin, curious who is planning on going to Genivi AMM in Seoul in addition to W3C TPAC in November in California (Burlingame)

Hyojin: I am planning on being at TPAC as well, I live in Seoul so if there is a meeting there too

PatrickL: for me I will plan on being in California but also attending Seoul might be a challenge
... unsure if people have similar restrictions

Peter & Ted: same

[assuming network issue for Jonas so will continue that discussion next week]

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

[End of minutes]

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