Tracking Protection Working Group Teleconference

12 June 2017

Meeting Minutes

<dsinger> I think we’re all waiting for demand, evidence of need/adoption on the server side

<dsinger> we clearly have to mark the API as at risk and liable to be removed in the Recommendation

<dsinger> I suggest we prepare for issuing a W3C Note with the text of the exception API

<schunter> Three potential implementors: Privacy badger, Mike's plugin, Deutsche Telekom toolkijt

<schunter> HTTP workshop

<rvaneijk> update on DNT in study for the LIBE committee: https://‌t.co/‌sE6boa3bnQ

<wileys> There are many technically acceptable approaches to consent - DNT is not the only option

<fielding> The obligation is on the data processors, and I think that is a good thing in general. The API would help the data processors because it has more permanence than the usual cookie solutions, but only if it is significantly deployed within browsers.

<fielding> no idea how long the CR is

<walter> fielding: yes, agreed

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