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25 Apr 2017


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ivan, dauwhe, mateus-teixeira, Schindler, murata, mike_baker, Avneesh, laudrain, mattg, George, garth, Bill_Kasdorf, liisa
Cristina, Rick, PaulB, Jens, billM
George, garth


<ivan> Avneesh

<nick1> George will scribe.

<ivan> scribenick: nick1

wg charter update

<George> IH: First agenda item is agenda update.

<George> IH: Good news at this time 21 votes are saying as is or miner comments.

<George> IH: We need 23, so we are close.

<George> BK: please put link in irc to the voting place.

<George> IH: We have two comments that are formal objections and have significant objections.

<ivan> https://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-new-work/2017Apr/0012.html

<George> IH: one is bibliostyle and disruptive inovations.

<Bill_Kasdorf> s / bibliostyle / vivliostyle

<George> IH: In the Irc link are links to theissues.

<garth> To vote:

<garth> Please review the charter and indicate your support using this online form:

<garth> https://www.w3.org/2002/09/wbs/33280/publwg/

<garth> (vote early and often)

<George> IH: We never intended that the input documents were specish. We have offered changes and that is a good start.

<George> IH: a number of issues are converging. It appears that there are two issues from Daniel that are not resolved.

<ivan> https://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-new-work/2017Apr/0021.html

<George> IH: Bill M had discussions with Florian and text is being inserted by Rick. Hopefully we will get over this.

<garth> Hmmm… I”m talking.

<garth> Let me try to dial back in.

<George> IH: IH, BM and GC are working to resolve.

CG Activities

<George> IH: moving to second agenda item.

<George> IH: Liisa has questions on communty group.

<liisamk_> this is an issue with the webex

<liisamk_> I will call in directly

<ivan> :-(

<Bill_Kasdorf> the call just hung up. I will call back in.

<George> IH: we are not getting audio from Lisa and Garth.

<garth> Yep — and now WebEx isn’t answering the phone.

<George> George just got cut off from the 617 number.

<George> George will try to reconnect.

<garth> Yep… looks like WebEx is making toast.

<Avneesh> not able to call again

<Schindler> i was just thrown out from the audio connection and try to dial in again

<ivan> it seems that the line to MIT has died

<Bill_Kasdorf> the 1-617-324-0000 isn't answering

<garth> True that.

<ivan> yes, this seems to be the problem for everyone dialing in

<garth> Anybody have another one to contribute?

<ivan> there is only one number

<ivan> that rules them all:-)

<dauwhe> 42?

<George> George tried to call in and the 617 number is dead.

<Schindler> like avneesh and the otherr colleagues the landline seems to be dead - no reaction to dialling in

<Bill_Kasdorf> Apex line: 866-272-5915, conf code 7349046252# password 9876#

<garth> I just installed the WebEx extension — does seem to work (where dial-in doesn’t)

<Bill_Kasdorf> I'm on the apex line, see above. You can all call in to that. Let me know if international toll free numbers are needed

<liisamk_> dialed into the apex line now- please someone start the call before I hear more about cats in police cars

<garth> Who has to start the meeting? Bill?

<liisamk_> he started the call- BillK and Liisa are on the call

<liisamk_> join us!

<garth> So, let’s all switch to that one — dial-in only!

<garth> 866-272-5915, conf code 7349046252# password 9876#

<rkwright> Then I'm out as my wife is using the phone line for a business call.

<rkwright> I'll stay on IRC

<bigbluehat> skype can call 800 numbers for free btw :)

<Bill_Kasdorf> stay on the irc, rick!

<bigbluehat> rkwright: do you have skype installed?

<rkwright> Yes, I'll try that.

<mteixeira-wwn> i'm on the apex line

<garth> Bill do have a European number for the call-in?

<garth> I’m on the Apex line too.

<Bill_Kasdorf> the apex line is toll free in the US. Let me know if other toll free numbers are needed for other countries and I'll put them in the IRC

<Schindler> wolfgang is on the apex line

<garth> And ivan is back!

<bigbluehat> I'm in via skype

<bigbluehat> worked like a charm

<Bill_Kasdorf> FR toll free: 0800907956

<Bill_Kasdorf> Mike, Ireland toll free is 1800 685 010

<ivan> scribenick: garth

<George> I cannot cut and paste from my IRC client, so impossible to get into the APEX line..

Liisa: Dave, Rachel & Liisa talked to re how to get the CG off the ground

(I’ll email you geoerge)

<Bill_Kasdorf> George, I will call and conference you in. Let me know the number

<George> George on skype with handle george-kerscher can somebody patch me in?

Liisa: discussed epubtest.org and how to take it forward
... Publishing rendering preferences could be addressed too
... epubcheck and need to keep it evolving
... how to we get said resoruces?
... GC should be remote mostly and likely on github
... monthly CG call — looking to find a time.
... TPAC meeting — F-to-F or not? — breakout on Wednesday?
... CG not excited about ISO certification; perhaps interested in EDUPUB cert.

Dave: Will be call with Rick re EDUPUB

<MURATA> I wasn't using IRC. Could somebody give me the phone number?

866-272-5915, conf code 7349046252# password 9876#

(we had WebEx issues)

<MURATA> Thanks

Dave: 3.1.1 could be started

Aveneesh: How about taking for A11Y specs

Dave: not yet, but a priority

Aveneesh: DAISY will want to be invovled (of course)

Dave: How’s that to be divided up between WG and CG?

Aveneesh: resolution still pending; Doc submitted to comment on.

Luc: Why you diss ISO? :-)
... ISO is still a good idea for, at least, Europe.

<George> 617 324 000 is up, but not accepting 647 451 129

George — I emailed you the Apex info.

Geroge — thats where we all are.

<Bill_Kasdorf> George, we're all on the apex line now. I can call you and conference you in if you give me your number.

<George> 617 324 000 is up, but not accepting 647 324 129

<Bill_Kasdorf> Also garth emailed you the apex numbers

Liisa: some tension between W3C and ISO

Ivan: Not the current case (we [W3C] has an agreement with ISO), but there will still be submittion issues (perhaps)

<George> 617 is up, but pass code not accepted 647451129

<MURATA> Fast-tracking technical specifictions by Korea was possible, but not any more.

<laudrain> EPUB3.1 is not a W3C rec

Ivan: Such agreement doesn’t cover non-Recs (e.g., EPUB 3.1)

Luc: ISO should get updated to 3.1 from 3.0 for EPUB

<MURATA> I am against EPUB 3.1 as an ISO standard, because it will supersede 3.0 as an ISO TS.

Dave: Hoping to take advantage of broader scope of GC to move EPUB forward — ISO cert isn’t such an exciting task.
... if folks want to take that on, great (though); but likely not as an initial progress.

Makoto: fast-tracking non-standards is no longer possible.
... (for ISO) Unless EPUB 3.1 becomes somebody’s standard it can’t be fast-tracked.
... I am against EPUB 3.1 as an ISO standard, because it will supersede 3.0 as an ISO TS (because 3.0 is so widely used)
... Normal (slow) process should be used for 3.1.
... Joint publicaton is possible (XML example)
... A11Y and the rest of EPUB 3.1 should be seperated
... Folks outside the US think ISO in important

<laudrain> +1

Avneesh: A11Y is applicable to 3.x (not just 3.1)

Aveneesh: The Geroge/Aveneesh authored doc depends on ISO work, seconds Makoto’s “pull apart” proposal

<MURATA> I am willing to support the work of creating a technical specification of EPUB accessibility by becoming a project editor in SC34/JWG7.

<Avneesh> taskforce is a good concept in CG

BillK: GC is huge (lots of folks signed up); perhaps tasks forces? A11Y and ISO could be good initial ones, to avoid distraction to the CG as a whole

<laudrain> +1 for task forces in the CG


<laudrain> cg

Liisa: Lotsa energy (woohoo); if iSO is important for “rest of world” — task force of BG might make sense too?

Avneesh: A11Y work based on EPUB 3.x should remain in CG
... WP & PWP A11Y work should be in WG

Dave: ISO stuff in the BG (it’s kinda businesy)

Luc: Nope. CG is for maint of EPUB 3.x so that’s where it should be.

Avneesh: BG should make strategy and exection should be in CG

Ivan: kinda +1 to Avneesh’s prior
... much of ISO discussion is around such strategy

Luc: we’re not doing anything new to ISO — just EPUB 3.1 as revision to 3.0
... we should query BillM on this process, as he’s discussed it before

Makoto: possible to revise ISO 3.0 to 3.1
... don’t want to superceed EPUB 3.0 with 3.1 as that would leave the majority of Japanese EPUBs as not backed by any ISO standard
... kinda +1 to Avneesh’s prior (strategy versus execution)

rendering preferences in EPUB

Liisa: Publisher rendering preferences; how do you break out of the box of the flowing text; mixed fixed & flowing (e.g.)
... E.g., image should be full bleed and sit between flowing pages
... E.g., image should bleed off specified edges (break out of margins)
... E.g., floating text boxes over images
... perhaps some-doable in current HTML/CSS, perhaps some in metadara
... to start proposal on which to start discussion

Dave: +1

<Schindler> +1 to liisa's proposal - sounds interesting

Dave: Need to work with RS folks on stuff like this
... tension between RS chome and publisher rendering desires

Ivan: CG perhaps, but perhaps some CSS additions are needed

Dave: Indeed may need both

Ivan: Indeed

Luc: About such rendering prefences? Technical more than editorial? Not setting global preferences?

Liisa: “preferences” should be stronger — some really required by authors.
... some books aren’t published because authors aren’t happen without (e.g.) bleeding images in flowing panes.

Ivan: sorry for WebEx issues
... We’re done!

<dauwhe> See y'all later!

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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