Digital Publishing Interest Group Teleconference

10 Apr 2017


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Dave Cramer (dauwhe), Ivan Herman (ivan), George Kerscher, Avneesh Sing, Mateus Teixeira, Romain Deltour (rdeltour), Bill Kasdorf, Chris Maden, Rick Johnson, Laurent Le Meurs (LaurentLM), Ric Wright, Garth Conboy
Brady, Vlad, Michael_Miller, Luc, Charles, Nick_Ruffilo, pkra, leonard


Minutes approval

garth: minutes approved!

New Members

ric: director of engineering for the Readium Foundation, previously at Adobe for many years
... got a strong background in authoring as well

garth: Also from MITRE Corporation, Dorian
... and Makoto Murata from Vivliostyle
... and Mateus Teixeira from W.W. Norton

mateurs: I'm an ebook production manager. We published over a 1000 books a year
... also co-director of Norton Lab, incubating ideas

<garth> Voyager Japan, Inc. has nominated Jun Gamo to Digital Publishing Interest Group

garth: hot off the press, another newcomer: Jun Gamo
... hopefully you're participation will be short lived, as we expect to move to a WG soon

Update on the charter

ivan: I have sent the charter draft to w3m for approval
... some issues raised by Ralph, some by Wendy
... the w3m (W3 Management) meetings are on wednesdays
... Wendy willl make it sure it's on their agenda this week, so it should officially go out to the AC by the end of the week
... (but it's the Easter week-end)
... the AC have 4 weeks to comment on the charter and hopefully approve it
... in practice, we may expect issues, comments, editorial changes
... hopefully nothing more serious than that
... it's very important that everybody here representing a member should vote
... I think we need around 20% of the membership saying yes
... in this case it's also very important that the publishing industry show their support
... if you're an AC rep, take care of it yourself, if not push your AC rep!

garth: thank you Ivan for the work
... we need to get voting before the 24 in order to be on time for the NYC meeting
... anybody on the call has an update on outreach to MS

ivan: there was some outreach to Apple

garth: I did some reach out to Google Chrome standards folks
... but haven't heard from them
... with that said, good progress on the charter
... one of the last piece for liaising is about the status of latinreq


dave: boils down to "I need help!"

garth: can you define the topic a little bit more?

<dauwhe> http://w3c.github.io/dpub-pagination/

<cmaden2> dauwhe: I’m willing to help.

dave: see the link above about latinreq
... many years ago there was JLreq (about Japanese and Asisan languages layout requirements)
... very detailed and very useful
... it was Markus' idea to do that also for latin languages
... I started it 3 years ago
... the idea was to capture traditional knowledge of layout and typesetting requirements
... this kind of info would be useful for standards bodies for ebooks and CSS in general
... how should things be paginated, hyphenated, etc
... very broad subject
... it mostly documents trade-specific things since it's the world I know best
... things like educational content, complex tables, etc still needs to be documented
... it would be lovely to have other volunteers to documents the legacy and standards of books layout and typesetting!

garth: how do you envision the output of this?
... as part of the WG or input to CSS?

dave: I think that remains to be seen
... w/b useful especially in the area that CSS is starting to touch on (like vertical rythm)
... useful to document things like baseline alignment, when you try to maintain a baseline rythm, etc

garth: I would expect our charter offers the flexibility to look at publishing-speciific layout and do the liaison with CSS, do you think we're OK charter-wise?

dave: yes. I think it's up to us to see how we want it delivered

billk: even though this comes out of traditional print typography, does it also apply to dynamic layout?

dave: the short answer is "we don't know"
... we have 1000 years evolution on how to render text on page, only 20 years of experience on variably shaped screens
... we don't know what's important and what isn't
... there's lots of value for the web in this information
... other people try to throw it away
... I personally think this has value for the web world

ivan: I think we're in a slightly better situation than we were back then, makes me hopeful
... when we started the IG it was a very small group
... now we have a fresh start with a WG, quite a lot of members coming in, I'm optimistic we'll find contributors
... when we do the detailed planning of the WG we need to define more specifically what kind of work we need for latinreq
... and get people for specific work there
... you may be the leader for a while, I hope that's find with you?

dave: yes, I do love working on this

billk: quick comment: dave is also chairing the EPUB CG, he's a busy man (he also has a big real job)

update on the f2f

garth: I spoke with Leonard
... Adobe is able to host on June 22+23
... sounds promising if we can get the AC vote
... I don't have an exact location, but it's highly likely that June 22/23 will be the target
... we also wan't to have a 2nd f2f in SF in November 6-10 during TPAC
... I started some conversation with W3C, a lot of publishing-related activity during this week
... we'd probably meet on Monday/Tuesday
... the Publishing BG would also meet
... the Publishing conference would be held on Thursday/Friday, less technical, maybe a day and a half
... not sure the CG would meet over TPAC
... but clearly a lot going on at TPAC about publishing

ivan: CG usually get a relatively short 2-hours-only slot
... we all need to get rooms and there are 100s CGs
... perfectly doable for the CG, but not comparable to the WG
... coming back to June, it w/b good to know where exactly the Adobe offices are

garth: I'll take the action item to track that down with Leonard

ivan: the other thing is to try to get some info about hotels and if Adobe has some special deals

garth: I'll ask Leonard and get back to the group

[discussion about the date of the next call]

ivan: most of European countries will be on holidays next week

garth: we'll get an agenda on for the following week
... any other topic?

[meeting closed]

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

[End of minutes]

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