Payment Apps Task Force

28 Mar 2017


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Ian, Ken, Christian, MattS, Conor


Getting to FPWD

IJ: 6 April deadline for PR API comments; suggest we make that a deadline for payment app comments pre FPWD
... we can then just log them
... Payment Handler likely to get to FPWD before PR API goes to CR

Proposed: get all issues in pre FPWD by 6 April

IJ: After 6 april we will do a call for consenus

MattS recap:

* Log issues until 6 April

* For PR API, then people need to resolve those issues

scribe: and that may take weeks

* For Payment Handler, suppose we take a week to do things

scribe: including update the spec

* 13 April: Call for Consensus for Payment Handler until 20 April

[If objections, deal with them]

* 20 April: we pronounce decision at the WPWG call

* 24 April: FPWD

* Some later date: Press release around CR and CR publication

(Ian is wrong)

after successful call for consensus, there is a request to the director


If all looks good, allow 24 hours for response to transition request

Second step is publication request...

scribe: we could send the pub request on Friday, 21 April for publication on 25 April

(Questions about other specs)

MattS: Going to FPWD with Payment Handler would be valuable to point people at other payment method specs
... this can go in the announcement, not in the spec itself

Ian: +1

MattS: One thing discussed at FTF meeting was the issue regarding display of instrument data.
... should we try to resolve before FPWD?

IJ: I think for the issue about display of instrument data, we should leave it in the FPWD and ask for feedback.

MattS: yes, good use of FPWD
... leave spec as-is and talk about potential removal rather than inverse.

Ian todos: Minutes, blog post, reviewing issues

Ian: Any other topics?

Next call

IJ: Please let me know if there are issues you want to get through before FPWD

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

[End of minutes]

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