Automotive Working Group Teleconference

21 Mar 2017


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Peter, Ted, Mike, Junichi, Urata, Rudi


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Vehicle Information Server (VIS)

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Test Cases

VISS Minutes

Testing Minutes

Junichi: we need to identify editor[s] for VIAS

Peter: Urata have you considered this further?

Urata: I am still seeking approval but expect confirmation in a few days

Peter: we're still looking for a second editor
... after that is settled we can take a look at schedule<
... Mike is looking into it as well

Urata: we will want to publish FPWD for VIAS
... we should review the issues

Issue 137

Urata: I brought this up and most of it has been handled. we should review and accept Powell's pull request
... none of these remaining issues are big and feel we could be ready to publish after addressing them

Specification Conference Call Updates

VIAS Editors and VIAS Specification Conference Call

Urata: I don't feel we can schedule this with so few people

Peter: plus we should have editors settled beforehand

Urata: I'll start a doodle
... I feel I have a good view of Powell's draft and should be there, we should have a chair or two, Kevin or Adam, Ted

[timezone discussion]

Urata: I can be flexible this time and we can make something more European friendly

Testing Action Items

* update README for Vehicle API test suite

* create remaining test cases (related to authorize and access control)

* give feedback to Test Assertion document if necessary

* modify test suite from current 'vehicleSpeed', 'engineRPM' specific style to more generic data path configurable style.

Urata: those should be done by end of next week

* Create vehicle API test suite's public repository so that everyone can contribute

* Create public server to host W3C test suite in which Vehicle API's test suite can run.

Urata: there are some challenges to possibly running a public instance such as being able to set configuration
... please let me know if anybody thinks of something else that should be part of testing actions

Junichi: do you need any assistance to make this move faster?

Urata: should be OK
... Next Genivi meeting will be in Burmingham and W3C WG F2F there as well
... I should be able to attend

Peter: we hopefully will have a number of implementations by then and wonder if we should do any demonstrations
... typically we give a W3C update session to Genivi and could include demos

Urata: last time you and Wonsuk did demonstrations

[W3C does not have a table at the showcase yet, we might and it could host W3C implementation demos if that is the case]

[Genivi might prefer people get their own tables]

Urata: I do not think anyone's demos will be dramatically different than last time
... there should be clearer indication of progress in such demos

Peter: we have progressed and can tie to a live vehicle. for demo you need a decent simulator, server and client apps
... i could maybe make a demo. it could also be fun to point your test suite and my simulator
... we will likely need to spend some time on VIAS at AMM/F2F
... for the F2F we should start building agenda by email

F2F registration

[comments welcome in registering]

Rudi: good progress on issues and pull requests for VISS

Rudi encouraging Peter to demo Melco's implementation at AMM

Rudi: latest GPD has Chromium built in

Peter: it is possible, need to talk to my team

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

[End of minutes]

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