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15 Feb 2017


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kerry, roba, billroberts, sam_toyer
Phila, scott, dmitry


<billroberts> hi all - just fiddling with webex, which doesn't seem to want to let me connect to audio...

<billroberts> anyone else having similar problems?

yes, cannot connect to audio

<sam_toyer> same, audio not working here either

bill, can you "recalim host role"?

scribe: under "participant " menu

i can if you like

scribe+ kerry

<scribe> scribe: kerry

<scribe> scribenick: kerry

<billroberts> https://www.w3.org/2016/12/07-sdwcov-minutes

<billroberts> proposed: approve minutes of last meeting

<billroberts> +1


<roba> +1

RESOLUTION: last minutes approved

<billroberts> https://www.w3.org/2015/spatial/wiki/Patent_Call

<billroberts> https://www.w3.org/2015/spatial/wiki/Meetings:Coverage-Telecon20170215

<sam_toyer> link: https://www.w3.org/TR/eo-qb/

<billroberts> kerry: main job to do is aligning with best practices

<billroberts> kerry: we should solicit comments - starting with Bill!

sam discusses progress on eo-qb

rob: will look at qb4st and link to bp

sam_toyer: more work on client and also qb4st and line up with BP, ssn, qb4st

rob: what is the angle on the client?

roba: for encodeing of a certain type of data -- what are you seeing as issues for the client?

ckerry: client is just to show that it owrks

rob: ok -- I want to know that there are not big trickes there

billroberts: anything else on eoqb?


roba: had a comment that issues in paper are not in tracker
... ok I will leave as open issues or solve them or put them in tracker
... substantive challenge is the lack of a normative mechanism to describe hierarchies of dimensions.
... e.g. dggs broken down into multiple tiers
... rdf datacube only lets you use skos and eyball it to see if it might work that way
... I have done something for this
... have also looked at xskos and cube4olap
... one open issue is I need a dggs example, but dggs grop have not responded to help
... I believe their spec had some issues - so they are busy -- to I will just say dggs might be a profile for the future
... next week at unsw will be looking to build a qb4st implementation
... will use this to drive a finalisation

billroberts: intersted in hierarchical dimensions -- I would like to review this
... dave reynolds had said would like to do this in qb4st but ran out of time
... we have a use case for this and I will look whther it matches your design

roba: esp please require any requirements from your experience
... I will be using stats regional hierarchies for the implementation

billroberts: we looked at xskos but it was tricky due to number of hierarchies and multiple relationships between regions
... not just an skos tree, more of a graph was needed and alos complication with [missed it]
... any more on qb4st?

f2f in delft?

<billroberts> https://www.w3.org/2015/spatial/wiki/Attending_F2F6

billroberts: mentions the meeting
... presumably mornings are better
... I can only go on tuesday
... so how about cov session on morning tuesday?

at least to link to BP and check they are honoured/compliant in eo-qb

billroberts: i have not seen any agenda yet
... I sugest we can do this even if jtandy is absnt -- linda and andrea would be good
... I will start agenda for f2f then
... AOB?

roba: asks about ssn updated release?

kerry: not sure we will make it

roba; is there a constraint to keep updates in sync?

roba: w3c wanted on press release
... can we doubl;e check with phil?

billroberts: next version of BP will be approved a delft meeting
... we should be ready for then too
... we can review and vote on stuff
... plan to vote at meeting

roba; should satisfy 3 week rule- stuff needs to be stabel 3 weeks ahead

scribe: minor changes are ok but need to be highlighted

roba; really only the final release matters

scribe: for the three weeks

billroberts: ok lets make a plan for final version timeline in delft
... but for now frozen a week befre delft meeting will be ok
... next meeting 1 march
... and after that in delft

will close the meeting

<billroberts> thanks and bye!

<billroberts> thanks for scribing kerry!

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  1. last minutes approved
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