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13 Feb 2017


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AdamLake, ltoth, Ian, dezell, aylver, Kylie


<adamlake> Adam Lake + present

<scribe> Scribe: Ian

Use cases

Changes from Kylie:


IJ: One thought I have on redemption control; I wonder whether we should be thinking about a capability where the merchant sends info back through the browser that is given to the payment app, to enable the payment to update coupon state.

<adamlake> I think rejection of a coupon getting sent back to the user's payment app is a good idea.

adamlake: +1 to a common theme of merchant-provided information that can help the payment app notify the user and keep a healthy view of offers

Based on customer segment/expired coupon

ltoth: Merchant doesn't get reimbursed, right?

<dezell> q

kylie_davies: correct

IJ: Not sure what this use case is adding. If this is just a business decision, may be out of scope
... also, what information in the protocol is needed for this?
... I don't think validation in scope. Merchants can do lots of things; I think we should focus on how people get data not what they do with it

ltoth: Maybe this is part of settlement - if merchant overrides then merchant is on the hook
... could talk about this there and label it as out of scope
... I think validation is important and should be in scope

Individualized Coupon Issuance

IJ: Very hard when we do strong identity. (e.g., real human being v. device? one per family?)

adamlake: Agree with the concern

IJ: Any work going on in that space?

adamlake: I think having a coupon being able to be reduced once by anyone and once by a particular person are very different (the former is easier)


dezell: Participation has gone down a bit; what is status of our outreach to people?
... we also need to figure out our FTF meeting agenda

ltoth: Let's discuss offline

{We continue to walk through the use cases}

Merchant coupon reimbursement in sale

IJ: I continue to think that settlement is far away from what we should do.

next meeting

27 February

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

[End of minutes]

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