Automotive Working Group Teleconference

08 Feb 2017

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Ted, Hira, Mike, Powell, Urata, Kaz


Next F2F

Ted: Genivi offered to host a F2F at their AMM, giving us space on 8th and 9th May
... also Hira-san had suggested a F2F in March as well

Hira: Attending Genivi is important, I would like to hold an earlier F2F to focus on bringing specs to CR on schedule
... Powell, how about you?

Powell: not planning travel at this point
... not many comments on the javascript api, only from Rudi
... I can go ahead and put it in respec

Ted: please do, I can help after your initial pass.

clear agendum

SongLi: I could make a Seattle meeting in March

Hira: Patrick offered to host a meeting in Berlin

Mike: I'll look into and get back to you


Urata: not sure, I would need to check. it is possible but can't for certain
... either March or May

Test Suite

Urata: as you know I am working on a test suite for VISS
... there are 32 test assertions
... I can probably have about 80% done by next week
... I sent an email about this

<inserted> Urata-san's message

<urata_access> [test server uri, redacted]

Urata: this is just a test server, not using wss nor local wss://wwwivi uri


Ted: is that uri temporary or is your test server going to be around for awhile?

Urata: I want to keep this private

Ted: ok so people should install your js and npm

Kaz: I guess you don't want to share the uri within these minutes then, though we could share it with the Member list?

Urata: correct

Ted: thank you, hopefully we'll get more responses in the mail list or perhaps from others on call if they have had time to review it

Hira: thank you




Ted reviewing recent issues to see if any are worth discussing based on call attendees

Urata: that one is answered to my satisfaction, alright to close

Ted gives background on recent issues 135 and 136, they stemmed from 2G-VIS call comparing VISS and ViWi

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

[End of minutes]

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