Web Payments Interest Group
06 Feb 2017


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ltoth, Ian, Manu, dezell, MarkTiggas, Max, Todd


  1. Quick update from Vision Task Force
  2. Agenda for the face-to-face meeting 22 March
  3. VCTF ftf meeting questions
  4. Next meeting

Quick update from Vision Task Force


<manu> Ian: We've had a couple of calls. Our goal is to have people in the task force to bring proposals for Task Force discussion between now and the end of February. In early March, we will send proposals to IG. Present them at face-to-face meeting. Come up with potential standards for future work at W3C.

<manu> Ian: We have a template of questions, we're asking people to try out the template, good sense of context, who needs to be involved, etc.

<manu> Ian: We asked people to bring concrete proposals to the Feb 10th meeting, that's the first time we'll see proposals in this form.

<manu> Ian: Manu has already experimented with the template, digital wallets, loyalty, and payments. Led to some interesting discussion around digital offers.

<manu> Ian: We are hoping that proposers will use this template to provide topics for further incubation.

dezell: If you are interested in joining the calls, please check out the wiki
... I have mentioned some topics that seem interesting but am not in a position to champion them; please make sure that if there are topics important to you that you can work with us

Agenda for the face-to-face meeting 22 March


<Zakim> manu, you wanted to ask about time for demos? Koupon Media, Qples, etc?

manu: Having looked at the agenda, we would like to do a demo on digital offers
... e.g., in the digital offers slot

ltoth: +1 to including demos on digital offers. How much time do you need?

Manu: 10-15 minutes

LT: I am ok to do dig offers at FTF

<manu> Ian: At a high-level, wanted to see if A) whether you're okay with taking lead on Digital Offers part of agenda, Linda?

<manu> Ian: B) Is 90 minutes okay? That should be driven by CG discussion.

<manu> Ian: 90 minutes and how to best fill it can be had at the DOCG meeting.

<manu> Ian: Regulatory landscape discussion is happening in 45 minutes. Gut sense is that will suffice.

<manu> Ian: We've slated 4 discussions for Vision Task Force topics, Natasha said that we should hear about GSMA mobile money API (relationship between W3C and our work). We are entertaining the notion that there is some relationship and we'd like to learn more.

<manu> dezell: We may want to stretch the meeting to 6pm.

<manu> Ian: We would need to pay more for the room if we want to go to 6pm.

<manu> Ian: We should be out by 5pm to 5:15pm.

dezell: Ian is making plans for group dinner

<manu> Ian: There is nothing to worry about right now, we can have a small group or a large group.

VCTF ftf meeting questions

Manu: Because of overlap, there's interest in adding a VCTF FTF meeting on 21 March
... we've located a space that should be convenient wrt the IG and WG venue
... the only unknown is whether the VCTF will be a real WG by 21 March


<manu> Ian: Linda had offered a digital offers review, do we need a review of that?

<manu> Ian: We have a Digital Offers meeting in a bit.

<manu> Linda: Come to the Digital Offers CG meeting today - https://lists.w3.org/Archives/Member/w3c-ac-members/2015JulSep/0058.html

<manu> dezell: All payments throughout recent history have usually been started via some sort of digital offer.

<manu> dezell: If you are a payments person, there is a lot of interest for you at Digital Offers CG.

Next meeting

20 February

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