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30 Jan 2017


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adamlake, scribe, ltoth, amber_walls, dezell, kyle_davies


  1. review and approve policy for discussion topics
  2. review good practices
  3. Review new use cases
  4. Next meeting
  5. FTF agenda 22 March as part of IG meeting

<scribe> agenda: https://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-digitaloffers/2017Jan/0016.html

review and approve policy for discussion topics


PROPOSED: Adopt the change policy for the discussion wiki

<dezell> +1 to adopt "policy" in discussion wiki

<ltoth> +1

<Amber_Walls> +1

<Kylie_Davies> +1 looks like a good process!

RESOLVED to adopt discussion wiki change policy

review good practices

Good practices info:


IJ: Any suggestions? This does not merit a formal decision and will continue to evolve as we use it.

Review new use cases

IJ: I will add Joerg's by hand.

<Kylie_Davies> Just to say - I was happy with the use case example, process and good practices when I attempted a few use cases :)


IJ: I did some editing and reorg to make it easier to digest


Kylie_Davies: This is from personal experience; more brick and mortar

adam: So is this part not key to the use case: "The retailer accepts the coupon but tracks it under a generic discount code. " ?
... also, what is use case v. user story v. terse problem statement

<Kylie_Davies> +1

IJ: I'd like to not over formalize yet. Let's hear from people and then prioritize and dive deeper based on what people are interested in, and we can become more formal then

<adamlake> q

<adamlake> q

Kylie_Davies: Regarding Adam's question... I mention the coupon code to not lose it

<adamlake> q

<adamlake> sorry

IJ: We could move the last sentence to "control on redemption"

Adam: Ok to be loose for now

IJ: We've not said what happens when the merchant can't do the look up

dezell: Lookup may involve a database look up but also other things like partial lookup (string match) or crypto test
... GS1 coupons have family codes; you can use those
... some capabilities are built-in

<adamlake> yes, a lot of these seem like capabilities rather than user stories.

(IJ: the user stories should suggest the capabilities)

dezell: it's a policy decision to accept or rject

move to settlement:

"The retailer accepts the coupon but tracks it under a generic discount code."


dezell: Tracking may differ depending on distributin


IJ: Do you mean "browser of the car" or "browser on the phone" or doesn't matter?

dezell: Either

What does "outside" mean?

dezell: Someone will bring it...keeps the driver from going into the story


<Kylie_Davies> agreed

<dezell> +1 to kylies use cases :-)

Easy Digital Offer Storage and Redemption


IJ: Two questions:

- How is coupon info stored on the user side? One big database or multiple databases (e.g., one per payment app)?

- Who filters the relevant offers? The browser? the payment app?

IJ: I think we've faced analogous questions around payment methods. The solutions may of course be different

dezell: There are various filtering criteria:

* Merchant (whether they accept the offer)

* Product family classes

<Kylie_Davies> +1 would like to review/edit my examples

<adamlake> +1

<dezell> +1

<adamlake> +1 to meeting next week

Next meeting

6 February at noon ET

FTF agenda 22 March as part of IG meeting

FTF meeting agenda potentially part of IG meeting

IJ: 22 March in discussion


scribe: with 90 minutes for digital offers

IJ: I propose that Linda/David/Ian work on what a 90 minute agenda would look like and come back in 1 week or 2 to discuss

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