Automotive WG
17 Jan 2017


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Kaz, Paul, Rudi, Adam, Junichi, Mike, Kevin, Song, Urata, Ted, Powell, Hira, patrickB
Rudi, Paul



rudi: how about our demo, etc.?

adam: would add JSON Schema as an agenda item

kevin: adam and I going through issues

rudi: ok
... seeing your pullrequests

ted: one possible item on AGL
... @@@

rudi: can talk about their involvement
... any other items for today?


Feedback from CES

paul: the meeting we had during CES went well
... test stuff, client spec, etc.
... and demos

ted: ran some demo
... showing prototype
... signal information moving around
... had number of people
... following up various people
... good opportunity for outreach
... Wonsuk, Sanjeev were there
... video they produced
... Jaguar show case as well
... good stuff there

song: it was exciting

kevin: was there a bridge there?

rudi: yes
... OCF to RVI bridge. Essentially the same as used for the demo in Portland in June last year.

kevin: was that demo setup?

rudi: Sanjeev set up that

kevin: good

rudi: good demos in that room
... any other feedback from CES?

paul: announcement by Toyota and Ford
... open source thing

rudi: SDL was submitted to GENIVI
... SDL has been integrated with Ford IVI as AppLink.

Client spec

rudi: tx for starting that, Powell
... good starting point

pk: couple of things
... IDs
... subscribe
... one part of the signal spec

rudi: we should specify the filter spec
... for interoperability

adam: would mention how JSON Schema would work
... (Adam is going to update the spec.)

rudi: tx

powell: would like comments on sections
... match the selector
... VSS works fine
... one thing matches the position, e.g., window position
... new path which never happened before

rudi: if you're working on extending the spec?

powell: we can't really provide useful selector without trying to capture all the possible features in the spec

rudi: flexibility of VSS
... you can't easily predefine CSS selector-like filter

kaz: so we need to clarify all the patters?

powell: we don't want to do that
... is that a plan for VSS to classify universal window position?

rudi: we built on the top of the list

powell: if you have ID you can specify any window using selector

urata: a question about ID
... there is a private section in the VSS tree
... the public section could have a ID
... can a private section have ID?

rudi: yes
... you can add private tree and also add ID to that
... maybe you need to define some namespace
... you should start beyond that
... multiple private sections could conflict with each other
... private ID from one OEM could conflict with others

urata: ok
... we have another question
... wondering about getVSS API
... should return some JSON data
... one idea is JSON defined by VSS should be returned
... another is more simple JSON
... which only contain the node name
... VSS JSON could include max-min value
... tree structure of VSS
... those two options are possible
... do you have answer/preference?

rudi: thought about the first case
... sometimes query the entire signal
... I'm fine with extending getVSS to provide a format selector

urata: no clear description in the spec yet

rudi: fair issue
... makes sense

urata: will put a GitHub issue

rudi: tx
... any other comments for the Client spec?

Test framework

urata: not much progress since the last meeting
... developing test cases
... will continue

paul: we posted ideas on possible test framework on the list
... wondering if people have any opinions

rudi: will check the thread



paul's initiated thread above

rudi: please look at the thread
... feedback welcome


paul: good to think about the timeline
... we're roughly on the timeline

-> https://www.w3.org/2014/automotive/charter-2016.html WG Charter

rudi: by April the CR for the server spec should go out
... 10 weeks or so
... any concern about that?

adam: Kevin and I are working on that
... in good shape

JSON Schema

adam: created an pullrequest on GitHub

(shows the HTML on the pullrequest)

-> https://github.com/w3c/automotive/pull/131 Adam's pullrequest

adam: please review the pullrequest

rudi: and give your feedback

adam explains the proposal

kaz: WoT IG/WG working on similar description

adam: could be useful for discussion with them
... (shows closed points)

-> https://github.com/w3c/automotive/pulls?utf8=%E2%9C%93&q=is%3Apr%20is%3Aclosed

rudi: questions/comments?
... expecting CR in April
... and GENIVI AMM in May


rudi: OCF working implementations
... GENIVI also
... client spec as well
... anybody interested is welcome
... questions?

kaz: within this WG itself who is implementing the specs?
... Urata-san for the server spec?

urata: not product-level yet but creating an implementation

rudi: so ACCESS, Paul, Song Li

kaz: JLR as well?

rudi: not yet
... GENIVI/JLR are working on one of the open-source implementations
... OSTC Team is working on that
... any other questions on implementations?

kevin: quick point
... some one could generate a list of existing implementations

rudi: good idea
... you can send links on implementations to Kaz

kaz: yes, can integrate the information with the provided link to the wiki

rudi: tx, Kevin!


rudi: GENIVI didn't work on opensource operation system based on Linux
... and there was a need
... so we set up AGL
... has Toyota as a Member
... GENIVI then set up their open source distribution called GDP (GENIVI Development Platform).
... collaboration between AGL and GENIVI
... makes sense to get multiple implementations
... any collaboration/contribution by them would be welcome
... Ted can provide information on the meeting during CES by email or during the next call.

[ adjourned ]

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

[End of minutes]

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