Automotive WG

03 Jan 2017


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Kaz, Ted, Hira, Mike, Rudi, Song_Li, Powell


Welcome Mike

mike: Mike Aro from IBM
... ready to make contribution

rudi: Rudi Streif, one of the co-Chairs, from JLR
... happy to have you from IBM

hira: have been working for the Automotive WG/BG for years
... from KDDI

powell: from Vinli in Dallas
... wonderful to have you

song: working on security
... talking with Baidu

kaz: working with Ted for the group :)


<scribe> agenda: https://lists.w3.org/Archives/Member/member-automotive/2017Jan/0010.html

rudi: CES showcase, meeting planning, testing, ...

CES showcase

song: will be demoing
... using standards of W3C
... websocket secure connection on an android client

rudi: powell?

powell: not planning to do demo
... this time more a participant

rudi: Sanjeev's demo of vehicle signal spec
... short video
... can show you if you're interested

<rstreif> Link to OCF video: https://youtu.be/V_r3L1b5qs8

rudi: (shows the above video on his desktop)

ted: W3C table at the GENIVI booth
... on Thursday at 3-5pm
... we'll be at Bellagio

(demo on a smart watch and a smartphone)

ted: Song Li and Wonsuk will be at the table

rudi: Genivi have a table

powell: can do some laptop demo

rudi: ok
... demonstration of Web of Things
... any other updates?

Meeting planning

rudi: can't make the meeting myself
... can join remotely if there is connection
... any one going there in person?

powell: can join

rudi: Paul will be there
... Mike Nanary from Genivi as well
... would like to send agenda proposal for that meeting

ted: introducing observers there

rudi: sounds good
... any discussions on technical details, testing framework, etc.?
... opinions?

kaz: if we can get connection at Bellagio and this meeting is an official WG meeting, we should talk about Testing framework as well
... on the other hand, if we can't get connection and this is a private meeting, we should concentrate on recruiting new participants/observers

rudi: wondering if VW joins the meeting in person

ted: Patrick Bartsch can join

<ted> (perhaps, to be confirmed)

rudi: hopefully we can have wifi connection

hira: I also can join the meeting from home

rudi: ok
... let's check the connection

Test framework

Hira-san's write-up for today's meeting (Member-only)

Hira-san's initial proposal for the Implementation Report Plan (Member-only)

hira: according to the W3C Process, we have to show implementation experience for Candidate Rec
... but the detail on how to do it is not defined by the Process document
... the WG need to define that
... timeline for the PR phase, requirement for features and test assertions
... plus tests and test suite
... firstly, would like to confirm the need for the testing plan I proposed
... if it's OK, would like to upload the resources online and open a new GitHub issue to request reviews/comments
... secondly, would like you to examine the tests
... it would be necessary to check the consistency
... if it's OK, would like to set up a google-spread sheet for revising the assertions
... finally, would like to propose we split the github issues on Testing into several pieces, e.g.:
... - Comments on Implementation Report Plan
... - Comments on Test Assertion
... - Testing system
... - Test Results

rudi: tx for your hard work
... very much in favor seeing your effort
... fully support it

hira: thanks
... would like to set up new configuration for GitHub then

powell: your idea to share the tests is great
... also having all the resources at one place is really helpful

rudi: would put this on the agenda for the CES meeting too

hira: BTW, I'd like to ask Powell about the progress of the client spec

powell: planning to restart it
... the implementations would depend on how we want to expose the APIs

hira: ok. tx

rudi: comments/questions?

mike: in addition to introduction, any resources on what this group is working on?

rudi: resources on Wiki and GitHub
... input from you would be helpful
... also testing work by Hira-san
... vehicle signal definition as VSS by Genivi

[ adjourned]

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

[End of minutes]

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