WoT IG - TD Restructuring

09 Nov 2016


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Kaz_Ashimura, Sebastian_Kaebisch, Alex_Owen, Yingying_Chen, Takkuki_Kamiya, Victor_Charpenay, Katsuyoshi_Naka


<scribe> scribenick: kaz

sebastian: the main goal for today is discussing the open issues on GitHub
... close or keep it open
... also some logistics discussion
... how to continue this call

Open Issues

sebastian: would like to go through the open issues


sebastian: there are 40 comments there
... need to find clear definition of property and action
... we could keep this open
... please provide your comments


sebastian: raised by Dave
... would let this also open and see the discussion more


sebastian: need some more use cases
... still need more discussion
... please comment on this as well
... keep this open


sebastian: not much discussion about this so far
... had small chat on parameters at some conference
... all the inputted data would become parameters in the end based on REST interface


sebastian: description flag, etc.
... kind of icon term
... we can make a link to a JPEG file, for example
... to invoke Web UI
... there is some resource by IANA
... not concrete conclusion yet
... core TD or another context to handle meta information?
... to be considered for the next Current Practice document
... are there any comments?

kaz: comment on: https://github.com/w3c/wot/issues/264
... there could be two possibilities
... 1. convert from REST parameter to TD parameter
... 2. simply copy the inputted REST parameter as literal or comment
... for the case #2, TD processor doesn't have to understand the parameter but simply transfer that to the Protocol Binding and the device

sebastian: (shows the example at Section 3.2.1 of the Current Practices document
... also shows issue 255's example

"@context": "http://w3c.github.io/wot/w3c-wot-td-context.jsonld",
"name" : "MyLED",
"interactions": [
"@type": ["Property","Event"],
"name": "status",
"outputData": {"valueType": { "type": "string" },

"endpoints" : [ {
"url" : "coap://",
"encoding" : "application/exi"

sebastian: we could have a container for metadata
... using the "endpoints" notation

kaz: right
... and another question is that sometimes we don't have to or don't want to convert all the REST parameters into TD parameters
... and might want to have "misc" or "not-to-translate" or something for those parameters
... and simply transfer them to the Protocol Binding and the device

sebastian: need more discussion about that
... next outstanding updates for the Current Practices document


(we need to apply closed issues: 251, 253, 258 and 255 to the Current Practices document)





Volunteers needed to update the Current Practices document

sebastian: volunteers needed to update the WoT Current Practices document
... as an editor and/or a reviewer
... would like to ask people for help including those who raised issues :)
... will write a message directly to them

Next steps

sebastian: should we keep this time slot for the TD discussion?
... weekly, bi-weekly or on-demand?


sebastian: this is still open
... and takes a lot of time
... what do you think about the WebEx calls?

taki: short calls like 0.5 hour would be helpful

sebastian: should we use this slot?
... what do you think?

yingying: short call would be ok

kaz: I think 30 mins would be too short
... maybe 1 hour?

sebastian: we can use 1-hour slot, and if there are not many topics we can end the call earlier
... also given it's very late in US pacific, would suggest we make the time one hour earlier

kaz: I'll allocate a WebEx for that purpose and send the coordinate to you all

sebastian: is that OK by you, Naka-san?

naka: yes

sebastian: ok
... let's meet next week then

[ adjourned ]

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

[End of minutes]

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