Silver Subgroup

07 Oct 2016

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jeanne, Sarah, Shawn


review workstatement

SH: I clarified the objective and approach


Shawn: I think we need to create a superset of WCAG 2.0 because most of WCAG will apply to Silver.
... for example, don't trap keyboard focus, will change to don't trap focus
... this is where the analysis of WCAG is very important.
... most of WCAG is very good, but there are gaps.
... Start with Stakeholder map

Jeanne: Put a start date of November 1 and a number of people 3-4

[discussion of the Work Statement and minimum time requirements]

consensus to change the minimum requirement to 8 hours a week.

[Assigning people and dates to a timeline]

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

[End of minutes]

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