Digital Publishing Interest Group Teleconference

03 Oct 2016


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Ivan Herman, Boris Anthony, Garth Conboy, Avneesh Singh, Brady Duga, Luc Audrain, Dave Cramer (dauwhe), Charles LaPierre, Rebeca Ruiz, Alan Stearns (astearns), Bert Bos, Heather Flanagan, Benjamin Young, Bill Kasdorf, Chris Maden
Tzviya, Leonard, Ayla, Romain, Peter, George


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Approving the minutes - yay or nay?


Agenda bash: adding topic - progress on the kumbaya of the IDPF and the W3C

merger of IDPF + W3C

Garth: Last week the W3C sent out an update on the merger; this also went out to the IDPF

Garth: next steps will be discussion and voting by the AC reps.

karen: remember these are member confidential communications

garth: the merger is proceeding apace

change of call timing

garth: we will be meeting one hour later than we have been, starting next week (October 10)

Bill_Kasdorf: When is daylight savings confusion?

<clapierre> Sunday, November 6, 2016

ivan: generally end of October. Note that the WebEx number shouldn't change.

<Bert> [Europe changes to winter time on 30 Oct, the US on 6 Nov, I believe]

Rebeca: Cannot join at 6pm

garth: there are no perfect, good times. This choice came out of a poll.

<Karen> http://www.timeanddate.com/time/change/usa/washington-dc

<Karen> US sets clock back on 6 November 2016

ivan: second best time was Tuesday, at 15:00 UTC, but that missed a lot of people

brady_duga: The W3C does by time in Massachusetts, so time will change at DST

ivan: there will be a period of confusion when the US and Europe will be on different timing

garth: 18:00 CET is not ideal for family hour in Europe, but this is what we ended up with as a result of the poll. We will revisit in the future.
... Next week is Columbus Day in the US; it's not a major holiday, so we will keep the call on the calendar
... The following week is the Frankfurt Book Fair; Garth will definitely be out, as will others. TBD as to whether we have the call.

Post-TPAC Action Items

Garth: WCAG action items

Garth: There are four action items in the WCAG list

Avneesh: most of the things listed here are in the plan. There will be a call in the second part of October to talk about them.
... The WCAG group has told us that the biggest obstruction to get in success criteria is the language.
... Everything in the EPUB accessibility spec may not get into WCAB 2.1; they may end up in 3.0 instead. Initial items will be the easy ones.
... Things like media overlays will end up in 3.0 (which will take a few years)

garth: any updates on the EPUB accessibility work from the IDPF?

Avneesh: Work is almost finished. Waiting for the schema.org metadata approvals.

ivan: What is the situation with schema.org? Are there still open technical things, or is this mostly administrative?

Avneesh: It is mostly the timeline issue. At TPAC, we clarified definitions and terms that were causing delays.

garth: CSS action items, don't have a listed owner for all of them

dauwhe: Regarding tables. Hopefully the web knows that tables are useful; the question is more about decimal alignment in tables.

garth: Should we clarify the action item?

dauwhe: Yes. And people are supposed to send dauwhe examples.

Bill_Kasdorf: tzviya and Bill have the action item to do this (getting the examples of decimal alignent to Dave)

ivan: Tzviya promised to send an official statement to Dean Jackson as to why this requirement is official.

garth: next on the CSS discussion is MathML
... there was discussion of adding media queries and discussion around whether browsers should support MathML, and there was agreement that something should be supported

<garth> https://www.peterkrautzberger.org/0190/

garth: Peter K's take is that this was a bad idea (see Garth's link)

garth: so we have different motivations on handling MathML (Math constituency, accessibility constituency, publisher constituency)

<ivan> Florian's mail

ivan: Florian had the action item to draft the media query. He reacted to Peter's email by saying with that input, doesn't plan to write the specification.
... this is a discussion that should happen on mailing lists.

garth: So, let that group discussion progresses, and returns as a discussion point to this group in the next week or two to see where it has settled
... media query helps publishers and accessibility communities, but we need to chat further
... looking at the next action items (InDesign, table samplse, XSL-FO)

dauwhe: I am supposed to collect examples to inform CSS text level 3.
... David Wood also said he'd look for examples of decimal alignments in tables
... the XSL-FO and CSS-FO was a gap analysis task; liam has been working on this.

garth: for the PWP UCR, there are several action items assigned out
... If you have issues assigned to you, please do them
... Next major step is for Leonard to de-duplicate use cases, then Heather would do the re-org of the spec.
... the spec would be divided into the Web Publication, and then the Portable components.

<ivan> Wiki jotting for for those who were not at TPAC

ivan: There were some issues that led to a proposed solution. After talkign with Leonard and Heather, Ivan took care of those (though Leonard did not agree with all the changes)
... Heather and Ivan are now waiting on Leonard.

garth: Leonard is not late on this; this task is expected to take some time.

ivan: I don't know whether the dividing the UCR into review chunks is Brady's job; when we assign sections for review, it would be good if we could also associate those with the Open Issues
... we have loads of open issues, and many of those will (hopefully, probably) become moot after the reorg of the doc

garth: there were a number of issues that I commented on, trying to wrap up the conversations.

ivan: there are 43 open issues.

garth: there are only 43! Yay!
... does anyone have more info on the Object Model for WP?

ivan: there were two object model kind of things coming up.
... one was an older story on POM (Publication Object Model); not sure what's going on with that.
... independently of that, there is the idea of Mike's that we need a layer on top of the DOM dealing with the collection of documents
... It sounds like a good idea, but I have no idea how to specify that.
... Is this really a topic that is important for developers of reading systems and/or content with javascript?
... Something like that should be part of the WG charter.

garth: the development of a WG charter will be a topic for us soon

dauwhe: Was talking to other web folks who were 'beyond skeptical' because it changes the foundations of the web.

garth: last on the agenda - POE

Bill_Kasdorf: not much to report here. They are looking for further use cases.
... One of the key issues is the use of ODRL as a sort of hub format to allow different publishing sectors to express their unique rights expressions.
... the idea would be that if each sector could provide an ODRL expression on what it means by it's unique rights expressions, that would be helpful
... Tzviya and Bill_Kasdorf agreed to look at the scholarly publication side of things to see if/how that could be enabled

ivan: question came up earlier today on a POE call; when do you think that you can finalize the use cases for them?
... they would like to close their use case doc once and for all. They are hoping for the use cases within a week.

Bill_Kasdorf: The book industry feedback won't be that fast. We can do an initial submission from the book sector, but not from the other sectors within a week.
... Will do what can be done within the week.

garth: Any other agenda items today?
... no additional items
... Next call in seven days and 9 minutes!

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Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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