Web Payments PAG
19 Aug 2016

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wseltzer, mchampion, geoffrey, zkoch, nicktr, dezell, Mike, Len, Ian, AdrianHB, cyril


Visibility of proceedings

wseltzer: Patent Policy sets expectation that the PAG will operate with same visibility as the WG. But the PAG can control its charter and decide to operate in Member-confidential mode (or in public)

Geoffrey: I favor a member-only mode (for now)

wseltzer: The PAG report is made public.

dezell: +1 to Member-mode

<wseltzer> Proposed: Re-charter in member-confidential mode

wseltzer: We can recharter the PAG with a new confidentiality level, but don't need Director approval for that change

PROPOSED: Operate in member-confidential mode (for now)
... and recharter the PAG as an administrative consequence
... noting that the report at the end will be public.

<nicktr> +0 - not clear what the implications are either way

wseltzer: Hearing support for the proposal and no objections, SO RESOLVED

Summary of Action Items

[NEW] ACTION: Ian will update the PAG charter in place with a note on the change of confidentiality level [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2016/08/19-wpwg-pag-minutes.html#action04]

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