22 Jun 2016


Tzviya, Judy, fesch, Janina, Wilco, George, Jim, Rich_Schwerdtfeger, katie


<Judy> clear agenda?

Confirming scribe and any agenda additions

WAI IG announcements: Katie's invitation <https://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-wai-cc/2016Jun/0016.html>

katie: Sent a message. My view looking at the charter and things
... seems to me that WAI IG can promote WAI documents to people who may or may not be members of W3C
... Hoping to promote discussion, get ideas from broader audience
... Forward official comments to the specific places
... Trying to do it on a regular bases. If you want me to send anything, i'll be happy to do so
... my role will be to push these things. Anything coming from EO, WCAG WG, etc.
... send the specific text or points you want sent

Judy: What Katie described was requested from the charter. That's what we committed to
... The reason organisations want this changes is because there is a larger community that could be leveraged. Try to engage them in the relevant groups
... We look forward to Katie's help in shepherding the discussion

Tzviya: Might be a good idea to make more explicit on the main WAI page

Judy: There should be something in the charter to who to contact
... Within the WAI IG, katie can help the feedback discussion

Janina: It's APA responsibility to look at W3 specs for accessibility concerns. We are likely to see it
... A direct request is appreciated.

<Judy> s/to contact/to contact; that request should definitely go to the APA WG (Janina/Chair; Michael/team contact)

Janina: How best to engage WAI IG. Katie offers to post issues not yet on the list. Direct posts to WAI IG is OK or not
... I want to understand where the parameters are

Judy: It's not a big deal
... When we announce new work, staff get's questions on how things are related. We already gotten a few questions when it came up in APA
... It might be useful when you and Katie talk, discuss if there is a followup message in additino to the announcement earlier this week

Janina: It was terse because details were in the attachment. Not something I usually do

Judy: I didn't initially notice there was an attachement. A quick pass for feedback can help, but no huge problem

Katie: It doesn't only have to do with formal comments. People should know when to respond and why to respond
... Probably not what you want for formal feedback

Judy: I think formal comments should go back to the group, not WAI IG
... I'm curious, Fred, would you like to see more awareness and discussion for SVG accessibility. Not much brought to WAI IG

Fred: We have so few TF members, would hate to see people start an interest group, rather them join the TF
... Should not have an alternate forum, when we have difficulty get participants. Would rather have them join the TF

Judy: Initial concerns for WAI IG, might fragment the effort. Maybe it's a question about what approach do topics get addressed by WAI IG

George: Is the recommendation to join APA? What was asked of diagram center

Fred: If diagram center is interested in chart accessibility, join SVG Accessibility TF
... much better if all interested join the same meeting, instead of having multiple forums


Judy: Two of you follow up after this meeting. As things emerge we may need to coordinate further

Recruitment help on RQTF; follow-up posting?

Judy: Katie, Janina, chat yourself tomorrow.

Katie, Janina: works for us

Any upcoming announcements

Judy: Anyone need to coordinate an announcement?

Michael: The ARIA WG Want's to public documents as retired.
... Been coordinating announcements. Also, the AIRA WG will have a draft of 1.1 up soon. Just not sure yet

Judy: I looked at the updated announcement. I thought it was totally better

<MichaelC> retiring docs: ARIA 1.0 primer, and ARIA 1.0 Practices - both replaced by ARIA 1.1 Practices

Wilco: Maybe communicate Auto-WCAG Workshop

Janina: Didn't get feedback from APA about publication

Michael: Call for concensus WCAG went out a week ago

<AWK> the WCAG CfC was approved 6/21

Michael: Looks like APA will be tomorrow

<George> George's email is kerscher@montana.com

Judy: In one group may be evaluating if they cancel the meeting. If any other group plan to meet at TPAC, you need to let me know, because the later you change things, the harder it is to plan
... Are any other groups at risk, not having enough people

Michael: I haven't looked yet
... I expect ARIA group will get quarum

Judy: We need to monitor who registers. Sometimes it turns out some groups have more pressure from travel expanse.
... Could Janina and Katie please consider mentioning the RQTF f2f TPAC meeting, in any WAI IG follow up on the RQTF formation announcement.

George: My first TPAC. I think there will be people from digital publishing. There is a one day meeting for that. I can also join relevant WAI activities

Judy: There is a huge community in digital publishing interested in accessibility. Keep thinking something for them should be brought to WAI IG
... Are there any recent requests for WG or TFs that haven't received feedback that they thought they should

Any changes on TPAC plans? (Late changes create difficulties for meeting planners)

Any review requests or pending reviews?

<AWK> WCAG will publish the regular review of the update of the Techniques and Understanding documents, anticipating July 19 for the publication of the review versions of these docs. Targeting Sept 8 final publication after comments.

Judy: Anyone not getting any reviews?

AWK: Indicating there is a techniques and understandings doc going out for review in July

Janina: HTML5.1 is in candidate rec. We went through it last time, it's 1000 pages. We will just look at the diff. An issue already came out. There may be comments from APA

Judy: What are you planning now? Typically when a big spec goes to CR we do a check through any section that may have accessibility issues to confirm
... The work was previously assigned to 6+ people. Question is, are you thinking of organizing this in a structured way?
... Second question, there was a number of bugs in the web platform WG. There was participation from the HTML TF. Has anyone reviewed the resolution of those bugs?

Janina: First task was for people to look at the diff, reporting on how big a job it is. If it can be done in the timeframe.
... I expect all bugs would show up in the diff. I tracked some of them.
... Not all alternative text changes made it into 5.1 Maybe 5.2?
... We were waiting for the ARIA discussion, that happend after the TF stopped. I believe some of the edits are there. But don't think we got them all / approved them all

Judy: Like to follow up with you and Michael. See if we can get that in place
... Suggest this as a priority to address. Would love to know the status.

Janina: I prefer if we can do this in 5.1
... Can take an action item on this

Judy: anything else for leason needs?

AWK: Workshop on metadata. People with schema.org have an intersection. Made sure that got communicated. Will work with Katie to get it to WAI IG

<tzviya> that's pretty much what i said to my friend

AWK: Will send George an e-mail, and a few other people. As for CG. We review this every 3 months, will do it soon.

<George> George will send Janina email with questions

Katie: Question, if someone wants to go to a workshop, they need to present
... It's important for people to go, how to do it when they are not presenting

Judy: It depends. W3 process changes. There is a need to reshape the workshop process.
... Some workshops use are more traditional. You have to submit a position paper. Others are more flexible, you can present a statement of interest.

<tzviya> https://www.w3.org/2016/11/sdsvoc/ requires statement of interest or position paper

Judy: You could still say you would like to share information on accessibility topics. That's good enough

Katie: So should someone submit that paper / information, so people know they are a leason

<janina_> Smart Descriptions & Smarter Vocabularies (SDSVoc) Workshop https://www.w3.org/2016/11/sdsvoc/

Judy: Recommend CCing the WG, so they are aware. I wouldn't mind a copy, but there is no requirement

Katie: yes, good point

Judy: hardest thing is finding people with cross over expertise
... getting people in early, so they can go in with not just their issues but broader experts
... Any TF want to ask / say anything about coordination?

Kim: we're just chugging along

Fred: Don't have anything

AWK: We have a call for the WCAG TFs. There is a good contact for mobile TF

Judy: No other business

<AWK> regrets for July 6

Judy: July 6th, two weeks from now. Heard that would be helpful for this call

<AWK> regrets for July 6

Judy: regrets from Andrew, Wilco

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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