Spatial Data on the Web WG BP Sub Group Teleconference

04 May 2016


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ScottSimmons, eparsons, frans, phila, billroberts, jtandy, MattPerry, AndreaPerego


<phila> present= phila

<frans> top left?

<scribe> scribe: eparsons

<scribe> topic : last weeks minutes

<jtandy> scribenick: eparsons

<jtandy> http://www.w3.org/2016/05/03-sdwbp-minutes.html

<jtandy> Proposed: approve minutes of last meeting

<jtandy> +1

<josh> +1


<ScottSimmons> +1

<jtandy> (actually = http://www.w3.org/2016/04/20-sdwbp-minutes)

<josh> We're being supportive...

<frans> +1

RESOLUTION: approve minutes of last meeting (on 20 April)

patent call

<jtandy> link: https://www.w3.org/2015/spatial/wiki/Patent_Call

phila Pleased with jtandy good practice of checking irc and webex participants

phila important for IPR reasions

Summary of main points from Best Practice sub-group 'virtual meeting', 3-May-2016 Minutes

jtandy josh, linda, phil (decorating) present on call yesterday - thanks to all

jtandy Seemed to work well, recommended as good way of working

<jtandy> https://www.w3.org/2015/spatial/wiki/BP_Narrative_2

jtandy flooding story rewrite by jtandy link above

jtandy too techie language perhaps

jtandy Flooding emotive subject - event not prediction of flooding is relevant only

frans 2 versions really needed ?

jtandy Not tech story with links to details or details mixed within narrative are the options, tech content is really needed and important

<jtandy> ack Linda|2

jtandy DRY Don't Repeat Yourself

Linda|2 Domain language was identified yesterday as issue

josh Understandable to web and GI communities to issue

josh Matching terms needed

<josh> Example from yesterday: "spatial join" vs "mashup"

jtandy Key to avoid hydrological terms

jtandy "Real world Thing" is a useful term rather than feature

jtandy Not Happy with thing but best we could come up with

<jtandy> ack Linda|

jtandy Good talk of crowd sourcing - is the audience platform devs eg. twitter or users of platform api's

jtandy Platform devs temselves eg twitter, facebook not so different to SDI publishers

jtandy URL's to identify things good in tweets etc..

jtandy eg. what 3 words

<ScottSimmons> sorry - ScottSimmons must leave

<jtandy> "acknowledge other types of platform providers as audience for BP doc" said Frans

frans Platform devs good audience - Data Storage providers could also be interested - looking for guidance

jtandy Audience discussion fruitful - SDI providers, twitter, API builders are all platforms of sorts

josh All web server based technologies are platforms ?

jtandy The web is the one platform to rule them all

jtandy What does Spatial data on the web mean to Small publishers - links to other resources / large publishers more complex use of data

jtandy josh ? anything to add

josh similar cases - fine grained links not scalable - large is scalable

<jtandy> "APIs that add scaleability to that fine grained access" said Josh

jtandy loves josh

jtandy platonic

jtandy Our examples need to focus on data publication - first step if not published, cannot be used

eparsons Agree completely

billroberts Happy with focus on data publishers - risk we miss the step to make it easy for users of data

<josh> The goal of publishing data to enable "better mashups" means that implementation feedback is crucial.

jtandy Test the usage of data against each BP - "Is the data easy for users to access"

billroberts Usage patterns need to promote use

jtandy "web as data sharing platform"

Overview of BP Narrative 2

<jtandy> https://www.w3.org/2015/spatial/wiki/BP_Narrative_2

jtandy Linda|2 has made updates to above

jtandy Key points against 9 steps

<billroberts> what?...wakes up

jtandy First step publish flood prediction data as a coverage

<billroberts> yes I was listening

jtandy Nobody owns theis example - Bill ?

jtandy Second step Admin Areas from SDI source using proxy layer

jtandy includes CRS, precision etc

jtandy third step - web developer takes coverage data - converts to vector features


<josh> WPS!

eparsons Is that realistic for web dev ?

jtandy Open source dev - might make an app..

josh Might use a restful service to join spatial data

<frans> Spatial joins are often needed

josh spatial join wrong language mashup is more appropriate

jtandy web dev called Helen wants to use her edge finding algorithm in javascript - so can do that

jtandy Helens vectors are very details - brings in issue of performance - need to generalise for example ?

jtandy - point taken think about better ways...

jtandy Step Four publish fixed assets, topographical features not using SDI in this case - normal web tech

jtandy SDI use case but not using SDI tech..

jtandy Step five of interest to billroberts - Figure out number of people the food covers, CSV file of peoples location converted to RDF

jtandy RDF data ingested into triple store for SPARQL query

jtandy billroberts Is this your bag ?

billroberts Almost - different tools - but census data as RDF is relevant

billroberts CSV to RDF then exposed as SPARQL endpoint but small community

jtandy Capture what billroberts does would be really useful

frans Point 5 realistic ? Census publishers often use more advanced publishing tools

billroberts 50% agreement with frans - Many do use csv however, jsonstat another common format, specific api's etc

billroberts Good Step however..

jtandy Realism is aim - BP needs to expose problems

billroberts - Too much detail would be an issue in too real examples

jtandy Not trying to build flood prevention system, details not relevant to our use of scenario

frans Something not so based on semantics, weather data might be better, not as loading with semantic problems in stats

jtandy maybe, pop broken down into groups

jtandy Step six - emergency teams use GIS to create evac plan

jtandy Take GIS analysis product and publish as html, or API for embedded use on web pages

jtandy eparsons would you work on this

eparsons yes !!

jtandy Step seven data streams - josh to take up

jtandy step eight - social media examples, twitter users advertising phone charging, Instagram users taking pictures of floods

josh links to step seven

josh IoT testbed, causing stress with SSN work however

jtandy step nine - most event SAR data cross referenced with insurance data

Allocate examples to WG members to complete

jtandy - makes sense ?

jtandy - Step 1 coverage data needs someone to help work on..

jtandy - Step 2 clemens

jtandy step 3 - Linda|2

jtandy Step 4 - Andrea

jtandy Step 5 - billroberts

jtandy Step 6 -eparsons

jtandy steps 7 & 8 - josh

jtandy Linda|2 had added to narrative for step 3 good example


<frans> Thanks to all the BP people!

<josh> bye

<AndreaPerego> bye


Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

  1. approve minutes of last meeting (on 20 April)
[End of minutes]