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15 Mar 2016

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Paul_Boyes, Kaz_Ashimura, Peter_Winzell, Powerll_Kinney, Qing_An, Ted_Guild, Kevin_Gavigan, Dave_Jensen, Wonsuk_Lee, Adam_Crofts, Junichi_Hashimoto


co-Chair candidates

(discussion on the candidates)

paul: coordination with Genivi and AGL will become even more important
... including code generation from IDL
... is it possible at all or useful?

(clarification on technical editor work vs management work)

paul: the WG topics have less diversity than the BG
... people from the WG can join the BG because they're W3C Members
... based on the experience, think it's hard to manage time commitment
... I'm not necessarily a JavaScript engineer

peter: good to have suggestions on email or on IRC here

kaz: (put Ted's proposal on the GoToMeeting Chat)

(candidates will check within their companies)

(w3c management will be discussing the assignment on 30th)

API refactoring discussion

<ted> Issue 81 on Web Sockets

paul: Soumya would like to talk about smart city at the April f2f

<ted> April F2F registration

kaz: Soumya is working on WoT, and provided a demo using a BMW during the Nice f2f meeting of the WoT IG

dave: created the issue 80 and 81
... action items to refactoring for 80
... web socket interface for 81

kevin: possible candidate architecture under review
... can provide within a couple of days

paul: another high-level architecture under discussion with Philippe from GENIVI
... we should review the issue 81
... also the architecture proposals by Kevin and Philippe


paul: we should start forming the agenda
... including Soumya's proposal

kevin: the hotel?

paul: Paris Marriott Rive Gauche

<ted> http://genivi.org/amm-2016-april

peter: same hotel as the GENIVI venue?

<ted> Paris Marriott Rive Gauche

paul: April 26 for security

ted: Junichi is available on that day only
... discount information on the above GENIVI member page

kaz: so we'll continue the agenda discussion by email?

<ted> Genivi registration and discount code

paul: would like to start a wiki for agenda
... glad to do that
... ttyl!

[ adjourned ]

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

[End of minutes]

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