WAI Cordination Call Minutes

02 Mar 2016

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Andrew, Chaals, Doug, Janina, Judy, Katie, Kathy, Kim, Liam, Lisa, Michael, Rich, Shadi, Sharron, Tzviya.

Tzviya and Kathy


<tzviya> Katie: On WCAG, APA, and several TFs

<tzviya> Kim: co-facilitator UAAG, mobile

<tzviya> ...works with speech input

<allanj> JimAllan, co-facilitator Low Vision Task Force, former Chair UAWG, Texas School for the Blind

<tzviya> Kathy: co-facilitator of mobile a11y TF, works on interactive a11y

<tzviya> Janina: co-chair APA, participates in HTML A11y and ARIA

<tzviya> Shadi: between WGs

<tzviya> Lisa: facilitator for COGA, member of ARIA, WCAG

<tzviya> Tzviya: Co-chair of DPUB, working on Digital publishing module of ARIA

<tzviya> Judy: leads the WAI

<tzviya> Sharron: E & O

<tzviya> Michael: Team contact for WCAG and ARIA and subgroups

participation/recruitment/networking requests for upcoming csun conf

<tzviya> Judy: Purpose is to facilitate coordination across WAI groups and TFs. Plan is for bi-weekly calls

<tzviya> Judy: For some WG chairs, this is the only semi-matching time available

<tzviya> ...Don't know if this time works for others

<tzviya> ...Please raise concerns

<tzviya> Lisa: This is late but not too bad

<tzviya> judy: any other coordination needed?

<tzviya> Tzviya: please invite markus gylling as well

<tzviya> Katie: HTML a11y TF is working on many bugs as well. It might be a good idea to invite Leonie as well

<tzviya> Judy: HTML a11y TF had tentatively declared itself in suspended animation, but without a quorum. Given Leonie's bug processing role and her APA coordination role, it makes sense to invite her

<tzviya> Janina: Agree makes sense to invite Leonie

<tzviya> Judy: I will invite Leonie

<scribe> scribe: Kathy


<allanj> LVFT FPWD in pipeline

Lisa: cognitive working group is tidying up the gap analysis

<Lisa_Seeman> https://rawgit.com/w3c/coga/master/gap-analysis/

Lisa: links need to be updated as they are in github
... issue papers are around security, personalization
... there are 10-12 issue paper. The summary is in the gap analysis


Michael: many groups working publications
... ARIA 1.1, DPub Roles, ARIA Practices, Core-AAM, AccName-AAM, ARIA Practices, FPWD of Graphics-AAM, WCAG Understanding / Technique Notes, COGA Issue Papers, COGA Gap Analysis, Low Vision user needs

Judy - batch the announcements on these

Kathy - mobile taskforce has touch and pointer recommendations

<Zakim> MichaelC, you wanted to say ARIA 1.1, DPub Roles, ARIA Practices, Core-AAM, AccName-AAM, ARIA Practices, FPWD of Graphics-AAM, WCAG Understanding / Technique Notes, COGA Issue

Michael - publication spec (Respec) has changed

Sharron - we have quick ref, revised how to meet guide, updated tools list, planning and managing guide, video gallery

Katie - new W3C template is confusing for the expand/collapse for person with traumatic brain injury

Judy - style may be fixed as it was opened for feedback for quite a while

upcoming publications

any needs for upcoming cross-review of documents?

Judy - in the past cross-review was helpful

scribe: any requests for cross reviews

<MichaelC> https://www.w3.org/WAI/APA/wiki/Category:Spec_Review

Janina - adding information to the WIKI by categories

<MichaelC> https://www.w3.org/WAI/APA/wiki/Category:Spec_Review_Needed

scribe: should be spread further than current distribution

<MichaelC> https://www.w3.org/WAI/APA/wiki/Content_Security_Policy:_Cookie_Controls

Michael - the category is list of the items that we need people to review

Judy - may be useful to have people to review. Next call we could have it as a specific agenda item

confirming liaisons to WAI IG

<AWK> WCAG has a liaison to WAI-IG (Jon Avila) and apparently now also the IG chair is also on WCAG.

Judy - liaisons will work with the chair. We would like to identify the group liaison for questions and coodinations

<Sharron> EOWG liaison to WAI IG is Shawn Henry

Katie - this is a point person for people to ask questions to get answers to specific questions. There are no regular meetings

Charles - I will volunteer for SVG

<Lisa_Seeman> I'd like to think about it more

<Zakim> chaals, you wanted to volunteer for SVG a11y

AWK - the task forces are under staffed and over loaded. Jon and Katie are working on this. Jon is on two of the taskforces

<shadi> +1 to AWK

<Lisa_Seeman> great

Katie - it would be good for the liaisons to subscribe to the WAI IG list

update on APA WG participation needs

Judy - CSUN is coming up, some of the WAI groups have participation needs

scribe: invite people to mention participation needs on behalf of the groups

<AWK> WCAG will take all of your accessibility peeps. Mobile TF especially.

Janina - taking up items on CSS

scribe: people with these skills are over extended
... looking for people with API expertise

<Rich> Ask: We need people to work in the CSS working group who can be responsible for accessibility api mappings in the browser where CSS effects content, content order, etc. of web content. Preferably this person needs to be familiar with multiple OS platform accessibility apis. See core accessibility api mapping spec. as an example

<Judy> agenda order 15, 13, 17, 11, 14

standards coordination

html a11y tf bugs

<chaals> Announcement of triage meeting for HTML bugs

standards coordination

Lisa - new draft specification of user needs

scribe: this working group is just to identify users neeeds
... Lisa is reading it over to see if there are gaps

Janina - that group was invested in accessibility and was taken over by another group but Andy has continued to be involved

scribe: good check to see if there are items missing for the ISO inventory

other as time allows

Judy - send the request in for the agenda

update on extension requirements and combo guidelines

Judy - we will take this up on the next call

<Rich> ok

Judy - we will look for a time for this call. It will be every other week

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

[End of minutes]

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