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SDW Workshop @ INSPIRE 2016

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Background & purpose of workshop

The W3C/OGC Spatial Data on the Web Working Group (SDW WG) is holding a workshop at the INSPIRE 2016 Conference.

The SDW WG aims at bridging the geospatial and Web platforms, thus facilitating the publication and use of spatial data across these communities. In order to achieve this, the SDW WG is working on a set of deliverables, described in the WG Charter, covering Best Practices for the publication of spatial data on the Web, based on identified use cases and requirements, plus the standardisation of a set of ontologies (Time Ontology, Semantic Sensor Network Ontology, Coverages in Linked Data).

The objective of the workshop is to illustrate current results of the work carried out by the SDW WG, with a particular focus on the SDW Best Practices, and to collect feedback from workshop participants.

Where and when

Palau de Congressos de Catalunya, Room H2.

Friday, Sep, 30th, 9:00-10:30AM CEST

For more details, see the INSPIRE 2016 workshops programme.

Workshop preparation

We recommend participants review the Best Practices (BP) document to identify issues of interests to be discussed during the workshop.

In particular, we suggest focussing on the following parts of the BP document, and related questions:

Introductory material (Sections 1-9)

  • Do these sections provide overall a useful grounding for the spatial issues?
  • Regarding Section 4 (Spatial Things, Features and Geometry), does it effectively describe the notions of spatial thing, feature, (INSPIRE) spatial object, geometry, and their use?
  • Regarding Section 9 (How to Use these Best Practices), the publishing spatial data pathway described there is still incomplete. So, the question is: which are the questions you would ask yourselves when choosing how to publish your spatial data - particularly for the steps that remain undocumented?

BP summary (Section 11)

  • At a first look, do you think any BP is missing that is specific to publishing and consuming spatial data on the Web?

NB: SDW BPs are specifically focussed on spatial data, and as such they complement and specialise the BPs of the W3C Data on the Web WG, which apply to any kind of data on the Web.

Specific BPs (Section 12-13)

Due to time constraints, it will not be possible during the workshop to review all the BPs. As a consequence, the discussion will focus on the following BPs:

The general questions are:

  • Do you think these BPs effectively address related issues & solutions?
  • Do they provide a clear guidance?
  • Is anything missing?

Tentative agenda

Presentation & minutes


You can contact the SDW WG via the public mailing list: