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Meetings:Telecon2015012222 January 2015Inaugural Meeting
Meetings:Telecon2015012828 January 2015Use Cases
Meetings:Telecon201502044 February 2015Use Cases
Meetings:Telecon2015021111 February 2015Use Cases
Meetings:Telecon2015021818 February 2015Use Cases Scope
Meetings:Telecon2015022525 February 2015Use Cases Scope Harth
Meetings:Telecon201503044 March 2015Organising Use Cases
Meetings:Telecon201503025a25 March 2015Use Cases for Time, SSN & Coverage
Meetings:Telecon201503025b25 March 2015Requirements from Use Cases for the Best Practice deliverable
Meetings:Telecon20150401b1 April 2015Requirements from Use Cases for the Best Practice deliverable
Meetings:Telecon20150401a1 April 2015Use Cases for Time, SSN & Coverage
Meetings:Telecon201504088 April 2015Use Case review and Wiki
Meetings:Telecon2015041515 April 2015Best Practice Deliverable
Meetings:Telecon2015042222 April 2015Use Cases walkthrough
Meetings:Telecon2015042929 April 2015Principles Discussion
Meetings:Telecon201505066 May 2015Actions and Issues
Meetings:Telecon2015051313 May 2015Actions and Issues
Meetings:Telecon2015052020 May 2015Use Case timeline
Meetings:Telecon2015052727 May 2015Use Case last chance
Meetings:Telecon201506033 June 2015FPWD Vote for UCR Document
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