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Room Info

Delft University of Technology

Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment (Building 8)

Julianalaan 134 2628 BL Delft

Room 00.West.270.

Remote Participation

 WebEx (specific to this 2 day meeting)
 +1-617-324-0000 US Toll Number
 Access code: 642 611 425


See Attending_F2F6

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Draft Agenda

Monday 20th March

Minutes Day 1

9:00 am SSN

  • Timeline for Rec publication (Francois)
  • How many namespaces? NamespaceIssue
  • Other topics

10:30 break

11:00 Best Practice work

(note: Linda will be 10+ minutes late joining us as she has a slot in the OGC TC Opening Plenary)

(note: we will ask Use Case authors to review the BP doc against the use case(s) they submitted to check if the concerns raised are sufficiently dealt with - we will send out the request once the new WD has been published)

  1. organise the order and timing of the agenda items
  2. review samePlaceAs proposal (in BP14)
    1. alternative: ov:similarTo "Having two things that are not the 'owl:sameAs' but are similar to a certain extent. It is thought of being used where owl:sameAs is too strong but rdfs:seeAlso is too loose." ... ov: ... used in example from
  3. introduction to changes since last release (lead by the authors responsible for each change-set)
  4. vote to release another WD of the best practice Note
  5. validate "possible approaches to implementation" to determine what really is best practice, e.g. 'this would be an interesting idea to investigate' [expert opinion] vs. 'we recommend you do this as we know from experience it's a good idea' [best practice with requisite evidence]
    1. BP14: use of VoID for link discovery - although note that Ordnance Survey Ireland / use VoID descriptions to drive their Triple Pattern Fragment server
  6. how to (re-)structure the best practice document; including issues such as:
    1. refactoring BP14 - its full of useful information but large and unweildy (@jtandy thinks that BP14 could be refactored into three individual best practices)
    2. what to do with the lists of formats in Appendix A and vocabularies in §12.5 (potential referrals from BP8, BP10 and BP17)
  7. review (and possibly resolve) the open issues pending for the next sprint; allocate actions if we can't resolve them
  8. final sprint plan
  9. define the open issues (for discussion in BP “conclusions”; aka the "wish-list") and allocate tasks to draft sections
  10. review the prioritised set of open issues in GitHub (time-boxed activity - focus on the important ones)
  11. review outstanding public comments
  12. any other business

1:00 break

2:00 Best Practice

3:30 break

4:00 Best Practice

5:30 Close

Tuesday 21st March

Minutes Day 2

8:00-9:00 Late Addition of 8am slot: SSN

9.00-10.00 Coverage: vote on new or updated drafts; review links to BPs (may be shorter)

10:00 SSN (starting earlier if Coverage finishes early, maybe 9:30 am)

11:00 break

11:30 SSN

1:00 break

2:00 OWL-time

  • final changes prior to CR

3:00 What happens next to SDW--is there a continuation group?

3:30 close


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