Link between Actuator and ActuatableProperty

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Old and current implementation

As of 2017-03-08, the old and current links between classes: FeatureOfInterest, xxxProperty, {Actuator/Sensor}, {Actuation/Observation} are represented in the following figure:



- Maxime: I do not see a problem with reusing the same name that we already use for the link between Actuation and ActuatableProperty.

- Jano: I would absolutely try to avoid that (having the same name for two totally different issues)

- Maxime: Then why not differentiate them using present vs past: actOnProperty from actuator to ActuatableProperty, and actedOnProperty from actuation to ActuatableProperty

- Maxime: Or making it obvious that the link between Actuator and ActutableProperty is "potential"

Currently proposed options for actuator

  1. sosa:actsOn/sosa:isActedOnBy
  2. sosa:mayActOn/sosa:mayBeActedOnBy
  3. sosa:canActOn/sosa:canBeActedOnBy
  4. sosa:propertyIsActuatedBy/sosa:actuatesProperty
  5. ...

Focus on Option 4

- Maxime: I would be happy with consistent like in the figure below, although it may require that some of the old ssn terms are renamed: