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Tentative Agenda

Both Monday and Tuesday we will be heads-down sprint on our Best Practice deliverable -- trying to get it close to FPWD release. Everybody in the room will be given a task and we hope to write most of the document.

Although several people have said they will call in, this will be difficult to organise given the time zone -- if you do call in please be ready to lend a hand with wherever we are up to. We do plan to develop on-line and shareable as much as we can, so you can also write for us.

We were planning to spend Tuesday on the other deliverables, but this has changed to allow us to focus on BP. We remain open to discussing other deliverables ( Time, semantic sensor networks, coverage aka remote sensing) and issues on demand-- drop the chairs a message (or use the public email list, or even better make a note right here) with a suggested topic and a time, or show up on the day and we will fit you in, possibly by splitting. We have a lot of observers registered for the Tuesday, and it may be that topics other than best practice is attracting them/you.

Note that we have asked for a "Breakout session" on Wednesday explicitly for Spatial Data on the Web meets meets Web of Things.

Off-site communication The meeting schedule is here http://www.w3.org/2015/10/TPAC/ We will met 8:30 am to 6pm Monday and Tuesday (take note of break times). We will have the IRC running all the time to take minutes, and expect to update it reasonably frequently but everyone on site will be working on the BP deliverable so we do not expect to be constantly scribing. If you want to talk to those in the meeting, please use the IRC to attract attention. We might have the Webex running at all times too, but it may not be watched much from the F2F. If required, we will arrange Webex on demand.

We will be keeping the github form of the BP deliverable up to date -- that and the IRC log will be the best place to see where we are up to at any time. Feel free to review and respond on the IRC or (esp. overnight) on the email list.

We will run a catch-up session on webex and IRC at 5pm (local time) each day, for at most one hour. We will publish the minutes at the end of each day.

Webex login Meeting number 646139528 Password: log in to the irc first, and look at the topic line on the top

Dinner Sunday night Dinner Sunday night in Sapporo --- Kerry suggests meet at 7:00pm at a restaurant with a name I cannot write, so here is the description. Find the tokedai clock tower, midway between sapporo and odori subway stations and a block to the EAST, on major road number 12. It is on every tourist map - a major Sapporo sight. It's a colonial-American looking wooden building. The restaurant is immediately adjacent -- do not cross the road -- to the north in the modern Sapporo Tokedai building, ground floor (not below) immediately as you walk in from the clock tower. It looks very Japanese. It is very cold out (snowed a lot today), so if someone is going, pls send me an email to the public list so that I do not turn up alone! If I do not hear from at leat one -- then I am not going either! --Kerry

Day 1 Summary