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Work on the Spatial Data on the Web Best Practices is done in shortish cycli we call sprints. Three more sprints are expected until the end of April, resulting in a new version of the BP document every 6 weeks or so. Outline:

December 2016 - beginning of February 2017

Sprint plan:

  • Action 242: Restructure the document to move the summary to the top and remove the template.
  • Action 232, 233, and 234: Further work on BP 4 (indexable spatial data), including addition of examples and a description on what is indexed.
  • Action 247: Rewrite of section 7 Coordinate Reference Systems.
  • Action 241: Further work on best practices 3 and 18 about Coordinate Reference Systems (possibly merging them).
  • Action 248: Further work on BP7 (use HTTP URIs) + BP14 (Links to related resources) based on discussion at the december 2016 face to face meeting in London.
  • Action 249: Further work on BP8 (geometry) (Andrea)
  • If time allows, also:
    • Further work on BP1.
    • Action 240: Remove BP17 (crowdsourcing) from BP document.
  • Outreach to get review from wider public at the end of this sprint (Ed).
    • Including horizontal review by W3C groups on accessibility, security, internationalization etc. (Phil)

February - mid March 2017:

  • At least BP10

Mid March - end of April 2017:

  • Only editorial changes etc.

May - June 2017:

  • Time buffer period
  • Publish final version of BP document.