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Cov Wish List

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  • all axes should be treated equal, with no particular preference; implementations should be free to choose suitable internal representations, such as partitioning
    • into time slices (ie, thickness 1 along time, anything along Lat/Long) - suitable for retrieval of image layers
    • into "time rods" (ie, extent 1 along Lat/Long, arbitrary length along time) - suitable for timeseries analysis
    • mixtures and variations of both
  • a coverage should have one Coordinate Reference System (CRS) associated which specifies the meaning of space/time coordinates
  • a coverage should follow the OGC Coverage Implementation Model (CIM, formerly known as GMLCOV; OGC 09-146r2) which is about to become ISO standard, too
  • a coverage should be uniformly represented, independent from any particular format encoding (such as RDF, GML, JSON, NetCDF, GeoTIFF)