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Attending F2F5

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Are you attending the F2F5 London, UK of the Spatial Data on the Web Working Group?

In person
  1. eparsons
  2. Bill (15th only)
  3. Possibly Jon Blower (only available on 16th, could dial in at odd times on the 15th though)
  4. Jeremy Tandy
  5. PhilA, will arrive at the very end of the meeting on Thursday 15th, and be around all day Friday 16th.
  6. Linda
  7. Chris, morning 15th, all day 16th
  8. Clemens Portele, afternoon of 15th, all day 16th
  9. Payam, both days
  10. Claus, both days
By teleconference (probably WebEx) and irc
  1. Kerry - should be able to get to most of it by telecon.
  2. Bart - Probably on the 15th, unlikely on the 16th ( Shift )
  3. Danh - Probably to join via telecon some sessions
  4. Josh - after ~11am local time each day
  5. Armin - By telecon until I fall asleep.
  6. LarsG - will attend some sessions via telecon
  7. SimonCox - wot Armin said
  8. Raúl - Will attend some sessions
  9. Frans - Will try to follow what is going on, but unable to travel.
  10. Andrea - mainly BP sessions; joining 15th afternoon + 16th morning
  11. Laurent - Will try to follow what is going on
Not attending at all