BDVA Summit June 2015
Session: Standards - an essential foundation for the European Data Economy

Important information


The Big Data Value Strategic Research & Innovation Agenda rightfully identifies standardisation and interoperability as essential for the creation of the Data Economy. The use of open standards allows companies of all sizes to compete in offering services with no vendor lock-in for customers. The World Wide Web is an example of a platform for innovation on the largest of scales, all based on royalty free, open standards. On your desktop, in your pocket, on your TV, in your car - the Web is everywhere - but this is only made possible by a set of underlying standards.

The development of such standards takes time and therefore money. A group of committed and motivated individuals come together to decide how problems should be solved, a process that benefits a far wider group of people. W3C’s biggest working group (the HTML WG) has 397 participants. The number of developers using that standard is measured in millions, the value of businesses that depend on it hardly needs spelling out. What is the best approach to engage with, and grow the standardisation community? How can it be funded? What de jure and de facto standardisation bodies are relevant for achieving global adoption of Big Data technologies in international standards?

The aim of this session is to discuss these questions. The discussion will be lead by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), the standardisation body for the Web, but representatives of other standards bodies are, of course, very welcome. The session will offer input for mid-term to long-term planning on Big Data related standardisation activities within BDVA.


Session topics and how to contribute

In the session we will discuss the following questions:

Based on your input (see below) we will publish a draft agenda on this page in the next days.

How you can contribute: we hope to see you in Madrid. But we also want to gather input from the standardisation community at large, including people who cannot make it to the summit. If you are interested in contributing to the topic of standardisation in BDVA please fill in this form and provide a short position statement. We will gather all position statements and summarize them after the event. If you explicitly agree, we will also make your statement publicly available.

The session is organised by W3C, but topics are by no means specific to selected standardisation fora. Please fill in the form by 12 June end of business day.

Session structure

The BDVA SRIA on Standards

To trigger the discussion, the below is extracted from the SRIA v 1.0.


Needs for standardisation:


For questions on the session please contact Felix Sasaki and Phil Archer.