26 Jan 2015

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John_Rochford, Mary_Jo_Mueller, Steve_Lee, Katherine_Deibel, Tim_Boland, Anthony_Doran, Katie_Haritos_Shea, E.A._Draffan


<scribe> agenda: this

no quarim



<Chaohai_Ding> agreed

<scribe> scribe:lseeman

<scribe> scribe: lseeman

<ddahl> I think we should keep the main information on the web page, so that the web page and wiki don't have overlapping information, which is hard to keep in sync. We can have a link on the wiki pointing to the main page

ddahl seas we should not add to much outside information on our main wikipage, becuse it will confuce us. add a link to the html home page from the wiki

all agree

do we want a subgroup :https://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-cognitive-a11y-tf/2015Jan/0061.html

<Debra_Ruh> Lisa I am back - sorry had to step away for a moment

Chaihia voleeters to jion, as does lisa

meil will reiview


agenda item: ftf


neil add coments ofn flat design to wiki

<Debra_Ruh> I have to jump off fora client call. Thank you Lisa and team




DDahl is going to take another look at web payments. ported to the wiki

<Chaohai_Ding> Thx

neil to write some comments on flat design to the list

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