STRINT Workshop

A W3C/IAB workshop on Strengthening the Internet Against Pervasive Monitoring (STRINT)

28 February – 1 March 2014, London

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Important Dates

20 January 2014:
Deadline for Position Papers
31 January 2014:
Acceptance notification and registration instructions sent.
7 February 2014:
Program and position papers announced.
14 February 2014:
Deadline for registration
6 March 2014:
Minutes published

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IAB and W3C gratefully acknowledge the STREWS project for hosting this workshop

… and Telefónica Digital for providing the workshop facilities.

How to Participate

It is no longer possible to submit papers to this workshop!

The workshop will be by invitation only. Those wishing to attend should submit a position paper or Internet draft. All inputs submitted and considered relevant will be published on the workshop web page. The organisers (STREWS project participants, IAB and W3C staff) will decide whom to invite based on the submissions received. Sessions will be organized according to content, and not every accepted submission or invited attendee will have an opportunity to present as the intent is to foster discussion and not simply to have a sequence of presentations.

Position papers (maximum of 5 pages using 10pt font or any length Internet-drafts) from academia, industry and others that focus on the broader picture and that warrant the kind of extended discussion that a full day workshop offers are the most welcome. Papers that reflect experience based on running code and deployed services are also very welcome. Papers that are proposals for point-solutions are less useful in this context, and can simply be submitted as Internet-drafts and discussed on relevant IETF or W3C lists, e.g. the IETF perpass list.

Submit your paper (or its URL) by e-mail to:


Accepted formats are plain text, PDF and HTML.