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Use Cases

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Use Cases

UC1: Validate an RDF graph

overall UC for structural constraint validation of RDF graphs

UC2: Use shape definitions as descriptions of the shape of expected data

overall UC for scenarios using shapes to describe nature of exptected data

UC3: Define constraints for properties

general UC for restricting values of properties, includes sh:allowedValues, sh:datatype, sh:directValueType, sh:hasValue, sh:minCount, sh:maxCount, sh:nodeKind, sh:valueClass, sh:valueShape

UC4: Define constraints between different properties

e.g. begin date before end date

UC4: Define nuanced error-conditions

general UC for validation messages, includes different levels of severity, sh:message

UC5: Explicitely define scope of validation

Individual scopes (sh:nodeShape), Class-based Scopes (sh:scopeClass and rdf:type), General scopes (sh:scope)

UC6: Encapsulate complex shape definitions into reusable templates

general UC for templating mechanism, includes ConstraintTemplates, ScopeTemplates (+ Functions?)

UC7: Checking multiple constraints for a given resource