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PROPOSED: Extend our weekly call by 30mn, this is from 11:00 Pacific / 2pm Eastern / 8pm Central Europe to 12:30 Pacific / 3:30pm Eastern / 9:30pm Central Europe (although shifts by 1h in Central Europe during these odd times of the year when one side of the Atlantic has changed to Daylight Saving Time and not the other and vice versa.

  • Add your vote here, a la XXX: +1/0/-1
  • pfps: +1
  • cygri: +1
  • hknublau: extending the time is good, but the daylight shifting means that it will be an hour earlier for me (4 am start), so I'll probably join those meetings later (the first 30 minutes seem to be spent with rather dull topics anyway).
  • hsolbrig: +1
  • SSt: +1
  • DK +1
  • ericP +1
  • labra: 0
  • ArthurRyman: +1
  • kcoyle: +1

RESOLVED: Approved. (11 March 2015)