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MINUTES: Day 1 Day 2 Day 3

Fourth Face to Face meeting

Our 4th face to face will be held at INRIA Lille in France on September 8-10 (Tue, Wed, Thu).


Below is the list of expected participants.

People planning to participate in person:

  1. Arnaud Le Hors
  2. Karen Coyle
  3. Jose Labra
  4. Iovka Boneva (host)
  5. Sławek Staworko
  6. Eric Prud'hommeaux
  7. Phil Archer (Wednesday)

People planning to participate remotely:

  1. Michel Dumontier
  2. Arthur Ryman
  3. Peter F Patel-Schneider
  4. Holger Knublauch
  5. Harold Solbrig
  6. Dimitris Kontokostas (will miss some sessions)
  7. Simon Steyskal
  8. Ted Thibodeau (may miss some sessions)

People sending regrets:

  1. Bart van Leeuwen


The meeting will be hosted by Inria Lille--Nord Europe, France

The meeting will be held in the Inria B building, room B21 (second floor). The first day you will have to register on the Reception (Accueil) situated in the A building. You will receive then a badge that allows to open the gate of the B building.

Coming to Lille

  • airplane to Paris Charles de Gaule airport, then direct train connection from the airport to the Lille city center in 1h
  • airplane to Brussels, then train to Brussels Midi train station, then train to the Lille city center (total from airport to Lille around 1h30)

Coming to Inria

Take the Metro line 1 (yellow) to the final stop "4 Cantons - Stade". From there, you can walk (15 min) or take a bus.

  • Walking
    • Outside of the metro station, continue to follow the metro line, you will be walking between the metro line entering under ground on your right, and a big parking building on your left.
    • Turn left when you arrive on the big boulevard (after 300 m). Inria is in that direction 600 m away. It's preferable to cross the boulevard at the first traffic light, and walk through the park between the boulevard and the office buildings.
    • The Inria A building is immediately after the roundabout, the entrance is on the side opposite the boulevard, you have to use the parking gate until you have your badge. The Inria B building is in front of the entrance of the A building.
  • By bus
    • Outside the metro station, take bus line 66 to the Verger stop (1 bus stop away). The metro ticket is valid in the bus. The bus leaves at 8:00, 8:15, 8:30, 8:45, 9:15, 9:45.

Lille in September

The first week-end of September (Sept 5--6) takes place the "Grande Braderie de Lille", the largest flea market in Europe. If you like crowd (2M visitors expected), hunting for antiques (~90 km of vendors), Saturday night party on the streets, and mussels and French fries (tons of these are eaten during the week-end and restaurants participate in a contest to see who can create the biggest mountain of empty mussels shells), this is definitely an event to participate to. If you hate all that, it's preferable to not arrive in Lille before Monday Sept. 7. In any case, hotels will be busy during the week-end, so think about booking early.


Inria is situated in an office district without any activity outside of office hours. It is therefore preferable to stay in the city center of Lille, which is at 15 min by metro + 15 min walking (or 1 bus stops) distance.

Any hotel situated close to the train stations or in the city center is appropriate, as it would be close to a metro station.

Here are few suggestions:

In case you prefer to be outside of the city center within walking distance from Inria:

Remote Participation

We may be using an AT&T bridge for remote participation, see the IRC for more information, and enter the "passcode" when it asks for the "access code".

As usual we will also be using IRC channel: #shapes.


  • SHACL specification
    • Close as many open issues as possible
    • Identify steps to FPWD or CR as appropriate
  • SHACL Vocab Reference and Turtle
    • Identify steps to FPWD
  • SHACL Test Suite and Validator
    • Identify steps to move forward
  • User-friendly syntax
    • Discuss plan towards FPWD
  • Next Face to Face Meeting
    • Identify possible dates and venues+hosts.
  • SHACL Primer
    • Discuss whether to develop a primer and if so, what the next steps are



Day 1 - Tuesday September 8

Welcome, logistics, recap of meeting goals, agenda amendments.
SHACL FPWD or CR as appropriate
SHACL Issues
SHACL Vocabulary and Turtle file
SHACL Issues continues
SHACL Issues continues
Day 1 recap, adjustments to agenda for day 2

Day 2 - Wednesday September 9

User-friendly syntax
SHACL Issues continues
Test Suite & Validator
SHACL Issues continues
SHACL Issues continues
Next meeting: date, location
Day 2 recap, adjustments to agenda for day 3

Day 3 - Thursday September 10

SHACL Issues continues