ISSUE-59: What are the default values for cardinalities?

default cardinalities

What are the default values for cardinalities?

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Jose Emilio Labra Gayo
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Most of current SHACL proposals already contain the notion of cardinalities to restrict the number of triples with the focus node as the subject and the given property as the predicate.

The maximum cardinality is also defined in a way that can be a number or unlimited.

In SHACL compact syntax, cardinality can be expressed by two numbers {m,n} or by the common regular expression operators

+ = {1,unbounded}
? = {0,1}
* = {0,unbouned)

If we permit defaults, we need to define the default cardinality. Possibilities:

- {1,1} (this is the ShEx default)
- {0,unbounded}
- {1,unbounded}
- Other

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Resolution: Close ISSUE-59, sticking with the current draft which is {0, unbound/unlimited}

Arnaud Le Hors, 27 Jul 2015, 16:40:24

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