ISSUE-189: Clarify validation report trigger in section 3

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Clarify validation report trigger in section 3

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Karen Coyle
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The section on the validation report implies that it is the validation process itself that triggers a validation report. However, there has been discussion that a validation report is only created when the validation process concludes that the focus node does NOT obey the defined constraints. This is not clear in the section, which says only: "The validation report is the result of the validation process and includes a set of zero or more validation results." It isn't clear that "validation results" means reporting on focus nodes that do not obey the constraints (if that is what is intended).

Also, in the terminology entry on constraints, it says: "Constraints can also have non-validating properties (such as names and default values) that do not lead to validation results." This again implies that all validating properties result in a validation report, without mention of the results of the comparison between the constraints and the focus node.
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Related notes:

I'd like to add to this issue the question of clarifying what happens with multiple validation actions that result in non-conformance to report. Does each validation action result in a separate validation report, or is the one report for each constraint, or one report for each shape graph/data graph comparison?

Karen Coyle, 11 Oct 2016, 12:49:22

RESOLUTION: Close ISSUE-189, adopting Dimitris and Karen's proposal:

Arnaud Le Hors, 22 Nov 2016, 10:02:42

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