ISSUE-177: Abstract Syntax is disconnected from concrete syntax


Abstract Syntax is disconnected from concrete syntax

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Holger Knublauch
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The current Abstract Syntax document does not seem to be connected with the (normative) spec right now. The examples use Turtle notation but it is unclear how the Abstract Syntax produces the underlying triples. I believe there need to be production rules that create triples in the SHACL RDF data model (e.g. PathConstraint somehow produces sh:property/sh:path). For an example, see OWL

Once this is done, most of the content about semantics can be deleted.
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RESOLUTION: Close ISSUE-177 with no change before CR. Abstract syntax is currently not on the recommendation track. If WG has sufficient time and resources after reaching CR milestone and sees value in it, abstract syntax could be updated to become a more focused document, better sync up with the spec and be published as a WG note.

Irene Polikoff, 10 Feb 2017, 00:11:46

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