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ACTION-23 (edit) open Ssk on the list for preferences about which list convention to use David Booth 2015-05-12
ACTION-39 (edit) open Work with tony on further refining the diagram David Booth 2015-12-08
ACTION-40 (edit) open Ask ericp about media types for rdf that is fhir David Booth 2015-12-22
ACTION-42 (edit) open Ask grahame for index 0 fhir examples David Booth 2016-01-26
ACTION-49 (edit) open Start separate rdf and ontology docs on github David Booth 2016-02-16
ACTION-54 (edit) open Ask grahame and lloyd David Booth 2016-05-03
ACTION-57 (edit) open Look into hosting shex-based fhir rdf validator on David Booth 2016-05-31
ACTION-61 (edit) open Ask michael about implementing the round tripping. David Booth 2016-06-21
ACTION-63 (edit) open Contact renato, grahame and marc about joining a call on fhir and David Booth 2016-06-21
ACTION-65 (edit) open Ask renato about scheduling a special teleconference time when he could join, 7am or 8am et or 6pm et David Booth 2016-07-05

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