Tool to Assist with Calls for Specification Review

This tool is no longer recommended for use, as of November 2019.

Further guidance on document review.

This form is meant to help Chairs and Team contacts get Document Review via the list <>.

Again, this tool (and the mailing list) is no longer recommended for use, as of November 2019.

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Am I required to use this list to get wide review?


Does this list replace any of the lists described in the transition documentation?

No. References: Transitions for 2005 Process and Transistions for 2014 Process.

Does announcing a publication on this review list constitute wide review?

No. The announcement is merely an invitation to review. The W3C Process expects actual reviews to happen.

Can we use this list to seek review for any type of publication?

Yes, for Working, Interest, Community, and Business Groups. The publication status (e.g,. FPWD or CR) will likely affect what review you seek, and where possible you should be specific about what feedback you want.

Will the staff send emails to this list automatically?

That is not currently the plan given that groups have expressed that they wish to send custom messages.


Ian Jacobs. Comments or questions? <>