24 Nov 2014

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Katherine_Deibel, Tim_Boland, Anthony_Doran, neil_Milliken, E.A._Draffan, Debra_Ruh, Kinshuk, Deborah_Dahl, Steve_Lee


<scribe> agenda: this

<slee> apologies

zakim next item

review of agenda, new items

review of actions

feedback for MAUR

<scribe> Scribe: Lisa_Seeman

Jannina will take items from the list inclusding that the controls do not disapear



we do not have the right people on the call for techniques

template for issue papers

looking at johns security pape

lisa: if you copy it incorectly a few times you get looked out

memory probelseffect your abilty to copy a sequence correcty

editing github

we can use the disscusions list, but then it needs to be open so anyone can comment

Jannina: we are not making a spcification, so we do not have to respondto each comment, so an informal discsion list should be ok

Lisa: we can port issues to the issues list

Janina: we do nto ask for IP disclosures

Next FTF

Summary of Action Items

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