Education and Outreach Working Group Teleconference

31 Oct 2014


Today's was a short meeting to review the F2F meeting, give a brief summary of what was discussed as a work plan for the coming months, and provide highlights from TPAC and the 20th Anniversary Symposium.


  1. Review face-to-face meeting discussions and preliminary decisions - Topics and Material, Agenda, Minutes
  2. Evaluation Tools List - Now that the push to post the draft is over, please review it in detail for anything that we want to address before we call it done.
    Comments preferred via Github issues list (or can use: wiki page, EOWG e-mail, or editors e-mail


AnnaBelle, Jan, Paul, Sharron
Shadi, Eric, Kevin, Andrew, Shawn, Helle, Jonathan, Vicki, Wayne, Sylvie
(No Response from: Liam, Bim, Denis, Howard)


Work plan draft

Sharron:We discussed the option of creating a survey to ask about interest in the 7 or 8 areas of current work:

  1. 3 planning docs;
  2. Two tools - WCAG EM Review tool and Dynamic Planning Guide;
  3. Tutorials
  4. New projects
    • Rewrite Quick Ref docs
    • Quick start guides for other roles than testers, e.g. PM, design, development,
    • A11y/Usability doc.

Sharron: What do you think of this as general approach?

Jan: do you envision this as subgroup work?

Sharron: Maybe, but not necessarily. Some of us like to work on our own, others on phone together. We won't be balkanizing work -- that's not the idea. It is more a question of finding efficient ways to get this work out in the general awareness of the public and even of accessibility advocates. One of the things that seemed very surprising to WCAG-WG was the extensive nature of our resources. So if even our fellow working groups are not clear about what is here, we need to consider getting it out with a higher profile.

AnnaBelle: Strongly suggest adding to the survey and work plan -- Curation of maze of documents, including SEO (librarian-like work)

Paul: Like many, I get overwhelmed by number and length of doc's; hard to know where to focus
... Enjoy being on calls, so not necessarily interested in reducing the number of calls.

Sharron: The idea is to give other ways to contribute and possibly de-emphasize the need to always participate in the weekly call as long as other ways of participation are clearly documented.

Paul: I like the idea of more focused documentation, e.g. for various job tasks like project mgt.
... also like shorter documentation

Sharron: We may want to add to the survey list the "Outreach Videos"

Jan: Ask Brent to see his slide of wacky ramps and association with various disabilities.

Evaluation Tools List

Sharron This week we will put out a general call for review of the Evaluation Tools List - Now that the push to post the draft is over, please review it in detail for anything that we want to address before we call it done. Comments are preferred via Github issues list but can also use: wiki page, EOWG e-mail, or editors e-mail

Summary of TPAC and F2F

Sharron: It was a very useful and productive Face to Face meeting, we got good work done including a useful joint meeting with WCAG-WG about collaborating on the development of the new QuickRef or whatever it ends up being called. Encourage review of the minutes:

<Sharron> Draft minutes from F2F www.w3.org/2014/10/28-eo-minutes

Paul:Were there any interesting things to come from TPAC?

Sharron: Yes, the Symposium was interesting, lots about the future of the web, social responsibility, and a very good talk by an FCC Commissioner about how accessiiblity goes hand-in-hand with innovation.

<Sharron> http://www.fcc.gov/document/rosenworcel-remarks-w3c20-symposium

<Sharron> Sharron: http://www.w3.org/20/

AnnaBelle: When you mentioned the 3 hours of talks with no break, it reminds me of research I have seen that shows people's attention lasts only about 45 minutes; wondering if calls would work better if reduced to 1.5 hours?

Sharron: I think if we streamlined the prep process, we might be able to do that. In the meantime thanks everyone for coming and please stay tuned for details. Now is a great time to introduce any suggestions for change to the composition of the group, the way we work, or anything else that might be useful to consider to make the work more efficiant and productive. Have a great weekend and happy Halloween!

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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