W3C Open Source Software – News for 2014

This is an archive of the W3C Open Source Software release news for the year 2014. Please read the Latest News for up-to-date information.

HTML-XML-utils 6.9

21 October 2014: Release of version 6.9 of HTML-XML-utils. The programs that parse HTML now recognize a few more HTML5 elements (article, section, etc.). In addition, some improvements in the source code and in a regression test mean it should also compile out of the box on more systems. (Certain compiler options could previously cause a compile-time error. Reportedly, these options are enabled by default on Arch Linux.) See the ChangeLog for details.

HTML-XML-utils 6.8

20 August 2014: Release of version 6.8 of HTML-XML-utils. The hxcopy program now has an option -s to also rewrite links to self. The programs now also compile with the clang compiler. See the ChangeLog for details.

csvtotab/tabtocsv 0.1

16 May 2014: First release of a pair of programs to convert between CSV (comma-separated values) and tab-separated values. They are intended to conform to the first draft (27 March 2014) of Model for Tabular Data and Metadata on the Web. See the source code

HTML-XML-utils 6.7

12 March 2014: A bug fix release: version 6.6 of the HTML/XML utilities was distributed with an empty header file, which meant it couldn't compile on platforms that needed that file. See the ChangeLog for details.

HTML-XML-utils 6.6

11 March 2014: No new features or bug fixes in version 6.6 of the HTML/XML utilities. The only change is to replace an #include in the source so that hxcopy now also compiles on OpenBSD. See the ChangeLog for details.

HTML-XML-utils 6.5

21 January 2014: Version 6.5 of the HTML/XML utilities corrects a few bugs, notably in the parsing of command-line options, that could crash programs if invalid options were given. (Bugs found by the Mayhem project.) A new feature is support for aliases (%K lines) in hxcite. See the ChangeLog for details.

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