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This was work in progress. For the latest version see the relevant sections in the most edition of the Data Quality Vocabulary at or latest editor's draft at

Dimension from Zaveri et al ISO/IEC 25012 dimension Proposed relation Motivations
Semantic Accurancy Accurancy skos:BroadMatch Semantic accurancy seems more specific than accurrancy, as it refers mainly to data values, and overlooks the existence of proper properties in the schema ??!??
Completeness Completeness skos:exactMatch
Consistency Consistency skos:exactMatch
Trustworthliness Credibility skos:narrowMatch Credibility is cited as one of the criteria for trustworthliness
Currentness Timeliness skos:exactMatch
Performance Efficiency skos:closeMatch somehow related ?!?
Trustworthliness Traceability skos:relatedMatch  ?!??
Understandability Understandability skos:exactMatch
Iteroperability Portability skos:relatedMatch
Iteroperability Compliance skos:relatedMatch
Availability Availability skos:exactMatch