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Overview & Links

  1. Use Cases
  2. The skeleton outline of the use cases document
  3. The challenges that the use cases editors have pulled from our use cases. (See all 4 worksheets/tabs in the document)

Status of Deliverables
Editor's Draft Tracker Contact Notes
<link> <link> <link> <editors' names>

Detailed timetable and checklist

This deliverable is a working group note.

W3C Technical Report Development Process - Working Group Note
Milestone / activity Target date(s) What needs to be done
Editor's draft Starting NOW This is the working draft, not necessarily stable and subject to change.
First Public Working Draft draft <Date to be determined> This is a signal to the community to begin reviewing the document.
  • Record the group's decision to request advancement. This may not have full consensus.
  • We should encourage early and wide review.
  • We should revise the document following the feedback.

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Transition to Working Group Note <Date to be determined>
  • A Working Group Note is published by a chartered Working Group to indicate that work has ended on a particular topic. A Working Group MAY publish a Working Group Note with or without its prior publication as a Working Draft.

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  • Record the group's decision to request publication as a Working Group Note.