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Best Practice Title ?
Short description of the BP, pref one line
Why this is unique to publishing data on the Web,
How this encourages publication or reuse of data on the Web
Full text description goes here. It can be any length but is likely to be no more than a few sentences. Maybe more. I mean, some things just can't be expressed in a few sentences. There may even by diagrams (I like pictures).
Anyway, you get this idea, no more than the sufficient amount of text to convey the best practice.
Intended outcome
What it should do
Possible approach to implementation
Description of how to implement the BP.
How to test
Information on how to test the BO has been met. This might or might not be machine testable.
R-AccessBulk, R-FormatOpen, R-VocabOpen, Etc.
Facts about "Template test"
Has fields
"Has fields" is a predefined property to define a list of properties used with a record typed property and is provided by Semantic MediaWiki.
R-AccessBulk, R-FormatOpen, R-VocabOpen, Etc. +