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Our scoping criteria

  1. Is it unique to publishing data on the Web?
  2. Does it encourage reuse or publication of data on the Web?
  3. Is it testable?
    1. In what way?

As resolved at the Face to face meeting at TPAC in 2014

Proposed Scope April 2015

Assumptions of DWBP WG

  • DWBP metadata recommendations refer to metadata available in a structured format.
  • Structured metadata may be associated with data of any format (including non-structured formats).
  • DWBP data recommendations refer to data that can be made available in a structured format.
  • DWBP does not recommend any particular format, but may give examples of formats as part of BPs.
  • DWBP can refer to / recommend specific W3C Standards in the BPs, but it must also be possible to use non-W3C standards


  • Versioning of datasets, vocabularies and APIs
  • Datasets in a structured format
  • Feedback
  • Data archiving/preservation
    • How data is managed in an offline repository is out of scope, however, what is left on the Web after archiving has taken place *is* in scope, e.g. the persistence of URIs.


  • Details of any one particular format
  • SLAs