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Meetings:Telecon2014.01.31 +Setting Up  +
Meetings:Telecon2014.02.07 +Use Cases  +
Meetings:Telecon20140214 +Use Cases  +
Meetings:Telecon20140221 +Use Cases  +
Meetings:Telecon20140227 +London Agenda  +
Meetings:Telecon20140307 +London Agenda  +
Meetings:Telecon20140314 +Use cases  +
Meetings:Telecon20140321 +Use cases  +
Meetings:Telecon20140328 +Use cases  +
Meetings:Telecon20140404 +Use cases  +
Meetings:Telecon20140411 +Action items from F2F  +
Meetings:Telecon20140425 +Action items  +
Meetings:Telecon20140509 +Editors & action items  +
Meetings:Telecon20140516 +Editors & action items  +
Meetings:Telecon20140523 +Deliverables check-in & action items  +
Meetings:Telecon20140530 +Vote on Use cases to FPWD; Deliverables check-in & action items  +
Meetings:Telecon20140606 +progress following Use cases to FPWD; Deliverables check-in & action items  +
Meetings:Telecon20140612 +(Vocabs) Establishing vocabulary calls  +
Meetings:Telecon20140613 +Deliverables check-in & action items  +
Meetings:Telecon20140620 +Deliverables check-in & action items  +
Meetings:Telecon20140626 +(Vocabs) Progress to date  +
Meetings:Telecon20140627 +Deliverables check-in & action items  +
Meetings:Telecon20140704 +Canceled  +
Meetings:Telecon20140710 +(Vocabs) Progress to date  +
Meetings:Telecon20140711 +Best use of meeting slots  +
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