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Email Template to promote publication of DWBP, DQV and DUV


New Publications by the W3C Data on the Web Best Practices WG



The Data on the Web Best Practices Working Group are delighted to announce the publication of the Data on the Web Best Practices document, the Dataset Usage Vocabulary and the Data Quality Vocabulary.

These deliverables are the outcome of two and a half years of collaborative effort from the Working Group. We believe the Best Practices document and vocabularies are complete, and would love to hear your final comments before they become a W3C Candidate Recommendation (BP doc) and Working Group Notes (vocabs). We are also eager to hear how you are implementing, or plan to implement, the Data on the Web Best Practices.

  • The Data on the Web Best Practices document offers advice on how data of all kinds – government, research, commercial – can be shared on the Web, whether openly or not. The underlying aim is to make data intelligently available, maximizing the likelihood of its discovery and reuse. The provision of a variety of metadata, the use of URIs as identifiers and multiple access options are key to this.
  • The Dataset Usage Vocabulary offers a framework in which citations, comments, and uses of data within applications can be structured. The aim is to benefit data publishers by enabling assessment of the impact of their efforts to share data, and to benefit data users by encouraging the continued availability of data and the visibility of their own work that uses it.
  • The Data Quality Vocabulary offers a framework in which the quality of a dataset can be described, whether by the dataset publisher or by a broader community of users. It does not provide a formal, complete definition of quality, rather, it sets out a consistent means by which information can be provided such that a potential user of a dataset can make his/her own judgment about its fitness for purpose.

Please send any comments or examples of how you are using the Best Practices to public-dwbp-comments@w3.org (subscribearchives) until June 12th. All feedback is welcome and will be responded to.

We look forward to hearing from you!

The W3C Data on the Web Best Practices Working Group


Promotion List

List of all mailing-lists / individuals the campaign email was sent to

Mailing-list / Individual Email sent by Date email sent on
gs1.brightidea.com Eric Kauz 24/05/2016
ilovedata@madeuplist.com Dee 20/05/2016
info-ic@listes.irisa.fr Ghislain 24/05/2016
W3C Privacy Interest Group, see mail (cited in our charter) Phil 24/05/2016
W3C Internationalisation Group, see mail. Like the PING, this group is cited in our charter Phil 24/05/2016
Federation of Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP), esip-semanticweb@lists.esipfed.org. about Eric S 24/05/2016
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Peers, data Scientists, experimentalists, management, initiative leads Eric S 24/05/2016
Kerstin Kleese van Dam, Brookhaven National Laboratory Computational Science Initiative Director Eric S 24/05/2016
Jim Myers, University of Michigan, Sustainable Environment Actionable Data (SEAD) co-Principal Investigator. Eric S 24/05/2016
Line Pouchard, Data Librarian, Assistant Professor Purdue University Eric S 24/05/2016
David Zamora - Open Data Consulting in Costa Rica Caroline 24/05/2016
Silvia da Rosa - AGESIC Caroline 24/05/2016
Romina Colman - La Nación Caroline 24/05/2016
Daniel Dietrich - Open Knowledge Caroline 24/05/2016
OGP OD WG steering committee Caroline 24/05/2016
opendatawg@opengovpartnership.org Caroline 24/05/2016
Javier Espinoza - Costa Rica Government Caroline 24/05/2016
Maikol Porras - Costa Rica Activist Caroline 24/05/2016
Iris Palma - El Salvador Activist Caroline 24/05/2016
Yamila García - Argentina Activist Caroline 24/05/2016
Yamil Gonzales - Honduras Activist Caroline 24/05/2016
Spatial Data WG, see mail Phil 25/05/2016
CSVW Community Group (the WG cited in our charter closed a few months ago but set up a CG to maintain and promote the specs. See mail Phil 25/05/2016
Open Knowledge Brasil Chapter Yaso 25/05/2016
Augusto Hermann - Chief Architect - Ministry of Planning Yaso 25/05/2016
Fernanda Campagnucci - ‎Head of Integrity Department at the (CGM-SP) and ODI Leadership Network Yaso 25/05/2015
Marco Túlio - Programme Manager at School of Data & Open Data Consultant Yaso 25/05/2016
Fernando Perini - IDRC Caroline 25/05/2016
Elena Camossi - Data Manager, Scientific Assistant at Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentation Riccardo 26/05/2016
Laura Papaleo - Project engineer (Provincia di Genova) Riccardo 26/05/2016
doe-www@es.net (InterLab, U.S. national laboratory web developers) Annette 27/05/2016
coders@lbl.gov (Berkeley Lab developers mailing list) Annette 27/05/2016
Irish Public Bodies Working Group on Open Data (government agency representatives) Deirdre 30/05/2016
Declan O'Sullivan, Head of Intelligent Systems, Trinity College Dublin Deirdre 30/05/2016
Insight Centre for Data Analytics mailing list Deirdre 30/05/2016
Data.gov (Phil Ashlock) Phil 07/06/2016
Jeanne Holm, Open Data Evangelist, former data.gov/NASA etc. Phil 07/06/2016

Pt-br list is available at [1]