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April 2015 F2F

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The third face to face meeting will be held on Monday 13th and Tuesday 14th April, 2015 (resolution). The primary venue is at ApacheCon 2015 in Austin Texas. A secondary venue is available in Ipswich, UK. These choices follow extensive discussions around when and where to meet and are designed to maximize participation.


Overview of BP Issues & Comments: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1aqkh8jJCyHn0GaPk3Xh277b5L1bQjfwDHukmWUTWryg/edit

Minutes Day 1 Day 2

Date Time in Austin Time in Ipswich Topic Scribe
13/04/15 07:00 13:00 Welcome & Plan for 2 Days -
08:00 14:00 Metadata Issues: 76, 79, 84, 136, 139, 147 Hadley
09:00 15:00 Metadata Comments: LC-3006, LC-3003, LC-3004, LC-3005, Annette
10:00 16:00 Metadata Issues: 145, 116, 69, 94. Metadata Comments: LC-3007, LC-3008
11:00 17:00 Data Quality and Granularity Vocab

Discuss Scoping and open questions from BPs and from UCR

12:00 18:30 Q&G Voc - What else do we need? Eric
14:00 20:00 Q&G Voc Planning for FPWD

Q&G Issues re. BP Doc (could be in BP discussion!): 116, 117

15:00 21:00 Finish Day 1 -
14/04/15 07:00 13:00 Glossary: 52, 134. RFC: 123
14/04/15 07:30] 13:30 Data Identifiers Issues: 77, 118. Tech bias: 144 Archiving: 62, 63, 143
08:00 14:00 Right to Privacy: 137. SLAs: 53, 54, 93 Riccardo
09:00 15:00 New BPs and other issues: 146, 148, 150, 160. Multilingualism: Action 144. 5-star system: 148. Planning for BP next PWD
10:00 16:00 Planning for BP next PWD PhilA
11:00 17:00 Data Usage Vocab: Recommendation overview and definitions [1]
12:00 18:00 Data Usage Vocab candidate illustrative DWBP use cases [2]
13:00 19:00 Data Usage Vocab model, classes, properties. [3]
14:00 20:00 Planning for BP FPWD of Data Usage Vocab PhilA
15:00 21:00 Finish Day 2 -

Austin Participants

  1. Lewis
  2. Steve
  3. Yaso
  4. Caroline
  5. Newton
  6. Ig
  7. Flavio
  8. Laufer
  9. Bernadette
  10. Eric S
  11. Sumit
  12. Annette
  13. Gisele

Ipswich Participants

  1. Hadley (doubtful)
  2. Deirdre
  3. Riccardo
  4. Phil

Remote Participants

  1. Makx
  2. Eric Kauz
  3. Giancarlo
  4. Antoine (on Monday 13)

Austin Logistics

ApacheCon North America 2015 (and subsequently the DWBP April 2015 F2F) will be held at the Hyatt Regency Austin, located just steps away from the heart of Austin's entertainment district.

Hyatt Regency Austin 208 Barton Springs Austin, Texas, USA, 78704 Tel: +1 512 477 1234

The W3C DWBP WG will be hosted in Big Bend D. It is located away from most of the breakouts and other activities - but on the plus side it should be nice and quiet :) Is a U-shape setup whichs hold 2-3 banquet rounds for around 20 odd people. WE DO NOT HAVE ANY AV for the room.

Hotel Accommodations

A block of rooms has been reserved at the Hyatt Regency Austin for ApacheCon attendees. Guest rooms are available at $205 + applicable taxes / night. This rate includes wireless internet.

Although the conference organizers have stated that individuals attending the W3C F2F are NOT attendees of ApacheCon (for obvious financial reasons), if you choose to stay at this hotel you can 'try' choosing “Attendee” as your reservation type when booking.

Please note: The hotel is currently sold out on Saturday, April 11 and Thursday, April 16. If you select these dates for your stay, you may encounter a higher rate than our room block or a sold out message.

Driving Directions

Click here for driving directions to the Hyatt Regency Austin. Transportation from Austin-Bergstrom Intl Airport

Taxi service from the airport to the hotel will be approximately $25-$29 one-way. Bus and Shuttle Service is also available. Click here for more options. Parking

Self-Parking is available in the hotel parking structure for $19 per day. Valet parking is available for $15 (day only) or $24 (overnight).

We have secured a room for all attendees which will provide us with a base from which we can operate. Stuff like tea and coffee 'should' be supplied and it will be likely that food can be obtained throughout the day.

Point of Contact

  1. Name: Lewis John McGibbney, DWBP WG Member
  2. Email: lewis.j.mcgibbney@jpl.nasa.gov
  3. Phone: +1-626- four 8 seven -3476

Ipswich Logistics

The nearest hotel is the Holiday Inn Ipswich Orwell (one of two Holiday Inns in the town).

Of course there are many more hotels in the town, the best of which tend to be around the waterfront (Salthouse Harbour etc.). If you prefer a guest house there are several to choose from. The Lattice Lodge is one people have used on previous similar occasions. I don't know about Aaron House but it's nearer the Holiday Inn (easier for picking up people up in one trip).

If we have any free time - and we should have a little - then we can try and include at least one trip out to the Suffolk countryside or a quick trip to Felixstowe Docks

Getting Here

Travel to/from London is easy. There are trains every half hour from Liverpool Street station (more at leak times). From London, take a train heading for Norwich at the top of the hour or half past. The journey lasts around 70 minutes - enjoy the views of the Stour estuary as you head out of Manningtree station (between Colchester and Ipswich). Let me know what train you're on and I'll meet you from the station.

For those flying into London, please let me know when and where you arrive and I'll be able to advise you further. Stansted and Southend are the nearest airports to Ipswich.